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9ft sea creature rarely seen by humans is caught sparking fears of disaster

9ft sea creature rarely seen by humans is caught sparking fears of disaster

A sighting of the creature is believed to be an omen predicting an upcoming natural disaster

Fishermen have caught a rare nine-foot sea creature dubbed the 'harbinger of doom' and people are freaking out.

Oarfish are scaleless and slimy, and can grow up to 17 metres long, weighing 199kg.

The bizarre-looking creature lives in the depths of the oceans and is a rare sight for humans.

But, this is believed to be the second oarfish sighting on Thailand's Andaman coast so far this year, and if you believe the legends, it's not good news.

A 9ft 4in oarfish has been caught off the coast of Thailand.
Jam Press

In Japanese mythology, the fish is believed to be a harbinger of coming doom or danger. Seeing one is believed to be an omen for a natural disaster.

Six of the deep sea creatures were spotted in 2017, just days before a deadly earthquake hit the Philippines, killing six people and injuring 120 more.

As such, the oarfish has been branded the 'Doomsday Fish.'

So, when fishermen in the Andaman Sea recently hauled aboard a 9ft 4in oarfish, people started to worry.

One resident in the area said: "If encountering an oarfish in the vicinity of Satun, it may indicate a potential concern for an earthquake along the Andaman coast.

"And there could be a tsunami as well."

The carcass, which was in good condition apart from a small wound to its head, will now undergo expert analysis alongside another oarfish found last month.

Following the completion of the research, both will be displayed in the local museum.

Spotting the deep sea creature is believed to be a bad omen, predicting an impending natural disaster.
Jam Press

However, while locals are freaking out about the possibility of impending doom, Jessada Denduangboripant, a biology professor at the country’s Chulalongkorn University, says their appearance near the water's surface is likely linked to illness or changing currents.

He said: "The discovery of this oarfish does not predict earthquakes or tsunamis, it’s just a belief.

"In reality, they mostly surface because they are ill or close to death."

Last year, diving instructor, Wang Cheng-Ru spotted the creature while diving off the coast of Taiwan.

He believed that the oarfish may have been dying so it was swimming to shallow waters.

But that didn't stop the internet from going wild when TikToker Dylan Page shared a clip about the fish.

One person said: "I feel like this is a bad sign."

While another added: "I’m never going in the water again."

A third wrote: “I'm with the folklore on this one.”

And a fourth warned: "They know something when they leave the place they live at. Trust the fish."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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