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Man walks into the water at 'Snake Island' and instantly regrets it

Man walks into the water at 'Snake Island' and instantly regrets it

Ohio's 'Snake Island' is home to thousands of Lake Erie watersnakes

A place with a nickname as foreboding as 'Snake Island' would naturally be a no go for most sane-minded human beings.

But that didn't stop wildlife expert Coyote Peterson from kayaking out to a remote island that is home to thousands of the reptile - although we bet he wished he hadn't.

You can see his dramatic encounter with one of the island's inhabitants below:

North Bass Island is a sanctuary for one of the rarest snakes on the planet, the Lake Erie watersnake.

The island — located in the middle of Lake Erie in Ohio — houses thousands of the endangered snake species that was once pushed to the brink of extinction by habitat loss.

The snake, while non-venomous, is said to pack a nasty bite if it feels threatened.

Given that fact, you'd think it'd be a good idea to leave them alone, but that was not the plan for Peterson.

Coyote Peterson got up close and personal with a Lake Erie watersnake while visiting Ohio's 'Snake Island.'
YouTube: Brave Wilderness

In a clip from TV show Brave Wilderness, Peterson kayaks out to North Bass Island to get up close and personal with the rare reptile.

"Alright, so what I'm looking for today is one of the rarest snakes on the planet," he begins from the island, before explaining that the species of snake is only native to the Lake Erie islands.

"I'm gonna catch one of these so you guys can see just how cool this snake really is."

Shortly after entering the water, Peterson splashes through the lake and catches the reptile with his bare hands.

"In a typical sign of aggression, he's trying to bite me," he says moments before the snake launches its attack, slicing open his finger.

But he quickly regretted getting in the water with the creature, wincing in pain as it bites him.
YouTube/Brave Wilderness

As he returns to the beach, the wildlife expert shows his finger to the camera, which is bleeding profusely.

It doesn't seem to phase Peterson too much, however, who calmly returns to reptile to the water and finishes the video by telling viewers to 'be brave' and 'stay wild.'

But, while his visit to Ohio's 'Snake Island' ended in just a nasty cut, a trip to another Snake Island in Brazil has far scarier consequences.

Queimada Grande is around 106 acres and is home to around 4,000 snakes – the equivalent of between three and five per square metre.

But these aren't just any snakes; they’re golden lancehead vipers, one of the most venomous snakes in the world.

Their potent venom can be lethal to humans, with the possibility to kill you within just an hour, so it should come as no surprise that you can't just kayak over to this Snake Island for a visit.

In fact, Brazilian authorities have banned humans from going altogether, although, honestly, who would want to?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Brave Wilderness

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