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People are blown away at how vets X-ray hedgehogs

People are blown away at how vets X-ray hedgehogs

One image shows the animal taped to the table to ensure the image comes out clear.

If you've ever had an X-ray before then you'll know that you have to remain very still for the snapshot to be taken.

While that can usually be an easy task for an adult who understands what's happening, it might be a different story for kids or animals.

While kids can usually understand 'don't move', some pets struggle to work out what you mean.

That's why vets and animal experts have to come up with other ways to ensure they can X-ray an animal and ensure the image comes out the way it's meant to.

A photo of a hedgehog getting an X-ray done has gone viral on the internet and it's not hard to see why.

A radiologist with the online name of Dr. Longissimus posted the image saying: "In case anyone wondered what a hedgehog getting an X-ray looked like."

It shows the animal on its back with its limbs taped to the table to ensure it doesn't move.

The reaction on social media was mixed with joy and concern.

Some people couldn't help but laugh at the sheer helplessness of the animal, whereas others were worried about the hedgehog's mental state.

One said: "Poor little guy. Hope he’s ok."

Another added: "Needed this today, thank you."

The image also made its way to Reddit, where one expert revealed what it's like to X-ray animals.

"I’m a vet tech and in our radiology department there are posters with how to position each animal for all different types of x-rays with rough anatomical drawings of each animal," one said.

"One shows you how to x-ray a fish and it is literally a cartoon fish in a baggie (the kind you take them home from the pet store in) plopped on the table.

"Idk why but every time I see that poster it cracks me up way more than it should."

So there you have it, if you have ever been thinking how vets get an X-ray of an animal here is just one example.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Dr. Longissimus. Mike Powles/Getty Images

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