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Anna Delvey Slams The Real Rachel Williams Calling Her A 'Karen' And A 'Hypocrite'

Anna Delvey Slams The Real Rachel Williams Calling Her A 'Karen' And A 'Hypocrite'

She's shared her side of the story on Instagram after Inventing Anna stunned Netflix viewers

Anna Sorokin, better known as Anna Delvey, has hit out at her former pal Rachel DeLoache Williams calling her a ‘Karen’ and accusing her of attention seeking. 

The two women are currently in the limelight following the release of Netflix’s Inventing Anna, which centres on Sorokin life, her various cons and subsequent trial - including the moment her ex-friend DeLoache Williams got involved with a sting operation to catch her and later gave evidence against her in court. 

Since the show was released, DeLoache Williams has said she was left shocked by how her character was described: "A natural-born follower whose blind worship of Anna almost destroys her job, her credit, and her life. But while her relationship with Anna is her greatest regret, the woman she becomes because of Anna may be Anna’s greatest creation."

Writing for TIME, she explained that as she didn't work with Netflix on Inventing Anna, she found out about the character of Rachel at the same time as everyone else.

Rachel is played by Katie Lowes in the series.

Commenting on Netflix's description of Anna, she wrote: "But this Netflix description felt shocking. The woman she becomes because of Anna. Seven little words that in one fell swoop stripped me of my agency, accomplishments, and truth. Were we meant to believe that the woman I had become was not on account of the parents who raised me, the love I shared with family and friends, my own efforts or personal growth, but because of Anna?"

Meanwhile Sorokin, who is currently being held at an ICE detention where she is facing deportation to Germany, has been sharing updates about her life on Instagram.

And in a series of posts on her Instagram Stories, Sorokin has slammed Williams, accusing her of ‘hypocrisy’ and having ‘flexible moral standards’. 

Sorokin wrote: “I’ve been silent about this for years. However, over past two weeks watching Rachel stubbornly refuse to move on from her contrived trauma, ever brazen and unchecked, while going on every show that will have her, I thought – now I have to. And if I have to, I will.

“During her numerous public cries for attention claiming I ‘ruined’ her life, relentless Rachel DeLoache Williams conveniently forgets to mention the curious period of time during summer of ‘18 when she herself along with her newly acquired literary agent were repeatedly harassing my lawyer Todd (both via email and phone) to get me to agree to write a book TOGETHER with Rachel. And the best part is – this time around, I’ve got all the receipts. 


“I know – sounds incredible, considering Rachel’s recent media crusade during which she accuses everyone who isn’t aligned with her vision of self as a wronged martyr starved for justice of ‘glorifying crime’ and ‘giving platform to a con.’

“Can anyone please enlighten us whether she’s done anything at all over past three years other than talking and writing about me, reading and dissecting my interviews, taking angry notes, looking for things to get outraged about?

“She even quotes posts I’ve deleted after 15 min. Find yourself someone who’s dedicated to you the way Rachel is dedicated to my Twitter.

“Don’t you just love the irony of watching Rachel DeLoache Williams constantly adjust her (very) flexible moral standards depending on the prospective amount of $ she stands to profit based on the latest twists in the tale of her ‘unfortunate’ association with me?

“BEFORE she epically embarrassed herself during my trial and BEFORE Netflix forever cemented her (very accurate) total Karen image, her moral compass deemed it acceptable to suggest we write a book together. All while still pressing charges against me.

“She really thought she could have it all, didn’t she? 

“I guess ‘giving me platform’ and ‘glorifying crime’ didn’t seem to be such big concerns of Rachel’s back then.

“As long as the price is right, she’s the one cashing checks and controlling the narrative, high morals can be put aside.

“The audacity of her to still attempt to sell her white woman tears (that no one is buying) while continuing to shamelessly exploit her connection to me and profit off of her ‘terrible trauma’ is flabbergasting.

“It’s not my fault HBO dropped Rachel after deciding she was boring and bland and that her book turned out to be garbage, or so I’ve heard.

“On the advice of my counsel, I’ve only read the last chapter, which was enough to conclude that her publisher should’ve paid more to the fact checker and less to Williams.

The real-life Anna Sorokin.

“They couldn’t even get the other ‘not guilty’ count right, and it’s publicly available information! Our aspiring novelist doesn’t like to burden herself with facts, especially the ones irrelevant to her personal tragic suffering.

“To this day Rachel DeLoache Williams clearly struggles to accept the fact that 12 jurors unanimously agreed I was NOT GUILTY of any charges related to her existence, and that nobody cares about anything she has to say unless she’s talking about me.

“And while I can understand her being upset at the fact that I’ve already accomplished more from the various jails and prisons than Rachel in her entire sheltered life of privilege, she won’t be getting away with this blatant hypocrisy on my watch. Wherever I happen to be at.”

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