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Anonymous Calls For Russians To Remove Putin ‘By Any Means Necessary’

Anonymous Calls For Russians To Remove Putin ‘By Any Means Necessary’

The hacking group say that 'nuclear weapons are weapons of evil'

Anonymous have issued another threat directed at Vladimir Putin and have called for Russians to 'remove' him from Presidency.

The hacked group have yet again taken to Twitter to showcase their discontent with the war being held in Ukraine.

Throughout the invasion, Anonymous have protested against Putin's actions by claiming to hack government and media websites.

On Wednesday (2 March) the group, who 'do not forgive' and 'do not forget', wrote: "Nuclear weapons are weapons of evil.

"When a leader of a country is promoting a nuclear response, it is up to the people of that country to remove that leader by any means necessary.

"When a leader holds life on earth hostage with nuclear threats, they forfeit their leadership."

Last week (27 February), just days after he declared war against Ukraine, the hacking group issued a chilling warning to the Russian President.

In a video uploaded on social media, they said: “Mr Putin, the ongoing invasion of Ukraine has shown that your regime has no respect for human rights or the self determination of your neighbours. 

“In the past several days a full scale invasion has commenced, civilian neighbourhoods have been bombed and innocent people have been killed. “Refugees are fleeing the violence and the population is being forced into conscription by Ukrainian officials. 

“This is an ugly situation all around but you are the instigator.”

While the world attempts to watch Putin's every move, Boris Johnson has today (2 March) accused the Russian President of committing war crimes.

He condemned the 'abhorrent' attacks on the citizens of Ukraine.


At Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Johnson said: “Putin has gravely miscalculated; in his abhorrent assault on a sovereign nation, he has underestimated the extraordinary fortitude of the Ukrainian people and the unity and resolve of the free world in standing up to his barbarism.”

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, has said he plans to open an investigation into events in Ukraine.

To which, Mr Johnson told MPs: “What we have seen already from Vladimir Putin’s regime in the use of the munitions that they have already been dropping on innocent civilians, in my view, already fully qualifies as a war crime.”

The UK fears the Russian leader will unleash further force against Ukrainian cities in the upcoming days.

If you would like to donate to the Red Cross Emergency Appeal, which will help provide food, medicines and basic medical supplies, shelter and water to those in Ukraine, click here for more information. 

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