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Anti-Monarchy protestors burn the Australian flag during public holiday for the Queen's death

Anti-Monarchy protestors burn the Australian flag during public holiday for the Queen's death

Demonstrations have been held in several Australian capital cities to rally against the British Monarchy.

A protestor has set the Australian flag on fire during a demonstration on the public holiday for Queen Elizabeth II's death.

Anti-Monarchy rallies have been held in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide today (September 22), according to The Independent.

Each demonstration heard from passionate leaders who spoke about the impact of colonisation as well as Australia's dark history and the future of us being in the Commonwealth.

However, things took a nasty turn at the Brisbane event.

Demonstrators marched from Queen Victoria Statue on Williams Street to the Eagle Street Pier precinct.

After hearing from several people, one speaker decided to light an Australian flag on fire.

Before setting it alight, a man yelled: "This is their f**king flag, this is the f**king emblem of the British company that exploits the f**king world."

Another speaker said at the rally: “Our message to England and the Monarchy is to f**king burn."

The Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance explained that their demonstration was designed to highlight 'racist colonial imperialism'.

"We are calling a national day of action on the newly announced public holiday on the 22nd of September," a message read on their Facebook page.

"This is a stance against the continued crimes committed against marginalised First Nations, black, brown and Asian communities.

"We do not support benefactors or Stolenwealth and demand justice, truth and accountability for all. Justice for all."

For the Melbourne rally, the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance outlined their demands.

Deadly Events/Twitch

They want 'all lands stolen and occupied to be returned to the rightful sovereign owners', an end to deaths in custody and justice for the families of those who have died, and a return of all stolen wealth, including 'ancestral remains, artefacts, wages and material goods' belonging to First Nations and other peoples the British have exploited.

The group wrote on Facebook: "While they mourn the Queen, we mourn everything her regime stole from us: our children, our land, our loved one’s lives, our sacred sites, our histories.

"We stand in solidarity and rage with other peoples across the world who have been oppressed, murdered, enslaved and vilified under the British colonial enterprise.

"We do not want to be a part of the Stolen(common)Wealth - we never have, and we will continue to fight against all it stands for and its ongoing colonial regime which continues to exploit, oppress and kill our people.

"Using the Queen’s death to strengthen the monarchy’s power is out of touch, disrespectful and is completely at odds with the Treaty process.

"We have never ceded our sovereignty.

"We have consistently demanded and fought for all of these demands - this is the latest protest to continue that fight."

Featured Image Credit: Lilly McKenzie/Twitter. Deadly Events/Twitch

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