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Apple store staff praised for how they handled thieves stealing devices in broad daylight

Apple store staff praised for how they handled thieves stealing devices in broad daylight

Footage shows masked robbers stealing iPhone devices from Apple's flagship Palo Alto branch in California in broad daylight

Staff at an Apple store in California have been praised for how they handled thieves stealing expensive devices in broad daylight.

While many people used the recent Black Friday shopping event to snap up a few bargains, a pair of masked robbers decided to take the opportunity to clear out an Apple store, with footage showing them grabbing items as staff attempted to shield shoppers.

According to Fox, the clip was filmed inside Apple's flagship Palo Alto branch, with the thieves seen snatching iPhone models from their display areas and stuffing them into backpacks.

The outlet adds that the duo made off with ‘tens of thousands of dollars in loot’.

Speaking to PPV Tahoe, which originally shared the footage on Instagram, one witness said: “Police arrived about 20 seconds later.

“The two suspects ran into an alley way next to the parking garage and cops barricaded it.

“I was there for 30 min after and they didn’t end up finding them.”

The incident happened on Black Friday.
Instagram/PPV Tahoe

The footage has sparked debate online, with some people asking why ‘no one did anything’ as the thieves tore through the shop.

However, many people have praised staff for remaining calm and keeping customers safe.


Staff remained calm and kept customers away from the thieves.
Instagram/PPV Tahoe

Another agreed: “The staff 100% did the right thing here. It’s [egregious] what these criminals are doing, but the employees are protecting the customers. Now what needs to happen is someone hold the criminals accountable and let the police be the police.”

A third said: "Good for them. They wanted to [ensure] their customers didn't play hero and get themselves injured. The employees know the items all have serials and are able to be disabled. This isn't Apple's first mass theft. This was the right way to do it."

Police reportedly arrived shortly after.
Instagram/PPV Tahoe

Someone else on Instagram pointed out: “I thought the display phones don't even have full functionality.”

Another replied: “They don't! But what do these geniuses know? All they know is they're stealing phones. I don't think they can even be activated unless an employee does it. Not worth getting stabbed over a phone that doesn't belong to anyone and will never work. Apple had a real problem on their hands.”

LADbible has reached out to Palo Alto Police Department and Apple for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/PPV Tahoe

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