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Apple's new Watch Ultra is so strong that a tester broke a table before the glass shattered

Apple's new Watch Ultra is so strong that a tester broke a table before the glass shattered

There's durable and then there's the Apple Watch Ultra.

The new Apple Watch Ultra is being billed as the perfect timepiece for those who like a bit of adventure.

It's much sturdier than previous iterations of the Apple Watch and the company has put a great deal of work into making sure it can handle whatever action sport or weekend activity you're signing up to.

But a YouTuber wanted to see just how durable the Watch Ultra is and put it to the ultimate test.

You've probably seen plenty of videos showing whether an iPhone's screen withstands falling from a particular drop.

Well, TechRax upped the ante by seeing how the Ultra's sapphire crystal display cover held up against a fairly intimidating hammer.

The YouTuber started off with some of the usual durability tests.

They dropped the watch from a height of four feet and the device was perfectly fine except for a few scratches.

I mean, scratches are to be expected when you're taking this bad boy along with you to all your adventures.

It was then chucked into a jar with nails to see if it could sustain any decent scratches. Again, it appeared to be unscathed.

But now it was hammer time.

After more than half a dozen hits with the tool, the Apple Watch Ultra was completely fine.

To prove the YouTuber was hitting the device hard enough, you could even see the table underneath it break.

That is one incredibly tough watch face.

Just to really test things out, the YouTuber whacked the watch until the screen did eventually smash.

But, come on, this proves the Apple Watch Ultra is sturdy AF and will be able to withstand all the knocks and bumps you might have during your adventures.


The durability is one thing, but the Watch Ultra comes with a bunch of features that are new to the Apple Watch lineup.

First up, there's a new button on the other side that is called the Action Button, which will allow you to immediately launch things like a workout, your compass or the flashlight without having to navigate through your menu.

It has the best battery life of any Apple Watch at up to 36 hours in normal mode and 60 hours in low-power mode.

That will be perfect for those little weekends away when you forget your charger or don't have access to a power supply.

The Ultra has the new Wayfinder watch face, which has been specifically designed for the larger device.

It includes a compass built into the dial, with space for up to eight complications. 

The device has three built-in microphones to significantly improve sound quality in voice calls and three new bands that have also been designed for people who like the outdoors.

There is so much more built in to this tiny watch that if you're keen to find out more you can head to Apple's website.

Featured Image Credit: TechRax/YouTube

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