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April Jones' mum and sister recall final time they saw her before she was abducted 10 years ago

April Jones' mum and sister recall final time they saw her before she was abducted 10 years ago

April Jones disappeared from her home in Wales over a decade ago

It's been over a decade since April Jones disappeared.

Just five years old at the time, April vanished from her home in Machynlleth, Wales, on 1 October, 2012, and has never been seen since.

While no body was ever found, Mark Bridger was arrested shortly after she was reported missing and became the prime suspect.

He was later sentenced to life in prison for the abduction and murder of April.

In a documentary about the horrific incident, April's family open up about their final moments with her, and how her disappearance has affected them.

Speaking in Channel 4's The Disappearance of April Jones, April's sister Jazz revealed the last words she ever said to her.

"I remember we were just by the back gate, a little bit, just from the back gate," the 27-year-old said.

"I remember saying to April, I gave her a massive hug and I said, 'I’m going now, I’ll see you later, I love you'.

April Jones disappeared in October 2012.
keith morris/Alamy

"And she went off to play."

April's mum Coral also recalled the final conversation she had with her little girl.

The mum-of-three said April had been playing with some friends that day.

"She came back and her friend then had dinner at our house, they wanted to take their friend home on their bikes," Coral said.

"We said, 'Yeah no problem, come straight back'."

April's disappearance quickly became a national story, with people appealing for any information it was hoped could lead to her being found.

However, just a few days after she went missing, police turned it into a murder investigation.

April's mum Coral has opened up about her daughter's disappearance in a new documentary.
PA Images/Alamy

Bridger was arrested very early on in the inquiry after he matched the description of someone witnesses saw putting April into a car and leaving with.

While April's body was never found, DNA evidence found at Bridger's home linked April to him.

In 2014, the Welsh government bought Mount Pleasant – the cottage where it's thought April was killed - and demolished it.

April's dad Paul said: "Having this house demolished is symbolic. It's a sort of closure, the end of a chapter. All the time it has been here, its existence plays in the back of your mind. Even when you are not thinking about it, it’s there in the back of your mind."

Coral added: "Even driving on the main road near the village is difficult. You go past and your head ultimately turns to that house. It brings back the horrible memories of what happened. It was a dreadful thing that happened here. It will not be a final closure."

Featured Image Credit: PA/Alamy Channel 4

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