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Artificial intelligence shows what Australia could look like in the year 2070

Artificial intelligence shows what Australia could look like in the year 2070

The results are equal parts horrifying and beautiful.

With increasing temperatures, a pandemic, and advances in technology, it’s a fair assumption that our Earth might look a tad different in 50 years to how it does today.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, we can all get a glimpse into that future.

One Reddit user by the name of u/End0me set out to find out what Australia is going to look like in the year 2070 using the AI generator Midjourney.


And by the results, it looks like the aliens are picking up Australia and placing it nicely down on the planet Mars.

It’s terrifying yet oddly beautiful. 

By the looks of things Australia is set to keep plugging away on erecting skyscrapers, but with the odd tree thrown in here and there.

This view of 2070 could suggest that rising sea temperatures could force Aussie further inland to live.

The fact that it looks a lot like Mars isn’t some sort of dystopian mistake either.

The climate of outback Australia is actually the closest thing to Mars that we have on Earth, with a lot of the rocks and environment in the country containing high amounts of oxide, according to the National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service.

Meanwhile, the rocky planet of Mars also contains a high amount of iron, and, when these rocks oxidise, they turn reddish.

So perhaps we Australians will be best equipped when we all inevitably have to be transported to another planet because we didn’t have the sense to look after this one well enough.

Most of the images seem to depict a futuristic utopia, except for this one right here.


Let’s be honest an apocalyptic dust storm is probably the most realistic and conceivable outlook of the future among these images.

Some Reddit users actually questioned whether the AI was really generating these images or whether they were just getting images of Western Australia.

One user said: “You clearly haven’t been to WA, it’s already like that. It’s all dirt.”

Another commented: “Oh I love this game! ‘Are these photos of a post-apocalyptic society or just Western Australia?’”

You all good there over in WA?

The Midjourney AI can predict some pretty awesome or equally horrific things.

One user asked the AI the silly question: “How will humanity end?”

You can check out the answer here yourself.

Not quite sure whether it sits in the awesome or horrific category, but either way we’ll be fine here in Australia since we’ll be on another planet millions of kilometres away.

Featured Image Credit: u/End0me/Reddit/Midjourney.

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