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Astrologer says this weekend's Flower Full Moon and lunar eclipse is bad news for couples

Astrologer says this weekend's Flower Full Moon and lunar eclipse is bad news for couples

It's bad news for pretty much everyone born under a star sign.

If you put any credence in the stars, or even if you don't, apparently this weekend is going to be a chaotic one.

Absolute Soul Secrets astrologer Rose Smith sat down with the Daily Mail to dish on what the stars are telling her about the future.

Apparently, the coming full moon is going to wreak havoc on pretty much everyone.

Pair that with the lunar eclipse, and everything is bound to come spilling out, according to Smith.

"Astrologically, full moons are associated with our emotions, a time when we need to deal with issues from our subconscious; but a lunar eclipse, especially in Scorpio, adds to the mix and withheld emotions come to the forefront," she said.

"Eclipse energy is like a full moon on steroids, and it's amplified! We need to be cautious of our emotions during the event as it will bring compelling hidden energies to the front of our minds."

Sebastian Arie Voortman/Pexels.

She added: "Lunar eclipses represent feminine energy and typically don't last as long as solar eclipses – but that doesn't mean that lunar eclipses are less potent… they may actually be more potent in the short term so even more reason to watch our emotions."


The lunar eclipse will kick off on Saturday May 6 at 1.14am Australian Eastern Standard Time.

It'll wrap up at 5.31am, but if you're wanting to cop a gander at the celestial ballet, the best viewing will be at 3.22am.

As for the stars causing pandemonium on Earth though, the astrologer has more bad news because Mercury is in Gatorade - sorry, retrograde.

The intuitive astrologer warned people from making big decisions.

"With Mercury retrograde, be prepared for miscommunications and misunderstandings in relationships and problems with technology," she said.

Oooh, stars that control our lives, apparently.
Killian Eon/Pexels

"It's not a great time for travel or signing important documents either."

She claims that relationships will also be tested with the whole retrograde thing going down.

"It's important to give your partner space," she said.

"With Pluto retrograde, beginning on May 1, a radical metamorphosis may take place."

So watch out, lovers, and be sensitive during these trying times.

Apparently all star signs will experience some intense days around the lunar eclipse.

So, great news if you don't have a star sign. But, alas, everybody does.

She reckons Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius are going to suffer the most.

And, as someone has found pretty much every person born under Taurus to be a dastardly health hazard, this writer says this: Suffer in ya jocks, losers.

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