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Aussie creates makeshift rear spoiler out of Woolworths trolley

Aussie creates makeshift rear spoiler out of Woolworths trolley

One very creative individual has taken to social media to post their DIY can accessory outside of an Australian supermarket.

Some clever Australian has taken it upon themselves to create a rear roof spoiler out of the handles of a supermarket trolley.

This might be a little 'too fast, too furious' for us. Especially if you have 10 items or less.

The rather creative person took to Reddit to post their DIY spoiler outside of Aussie supermarket giant Woolworths.

The stroke of kitsch-Australiana brilliance soon had fellow folks Down Under in hysterics.

One user wrote: “Very well handled, I'd say."

Another chipped in with a humble brag: "Yeah, this s**t is genuinely funny. I'd assume no car guy with access and knowledge of welding tools thinks this is contributing to his downforce or cool factor, but as a gag this is a frankly genius-tier comedy.”

A third shared: "Woolies downforce is next level."

While another wrote: "Nice to give the pushers a handle for when it breaks down. Bonus points if they have that one front wheel that sits off alignment and just spins."

This is one of the friendlier car deco jobs we’ve seen recently, as last year, a UK driver made headlines for implementing a rather lethal instalment on his van.

The bizarre design was captured in Cheadle, Stockport and showed dozens of sharp black spikes attached to the left-hand wing mirror of a black van parked on the side of the road.


The user also tweeted in part: “Seems to be a growing trend in my area of adding crude spikes to the passenger side wing mirror.”

It left many cyclists outraged, as one person wrote: "A swift removal technique I’d recommend is a closed fist held out firmly as you ride past.

"Side effects may include entire mirror removal, but the illegal offending spikes will be gone!"

Another shared: “I’d take that off with my U-lock in an instance. F**k that s**t”

While a third commented: “It would be a pity if the spikes ended up in their tyres by some twisted reversal of fate.”

However, the owner of the vehicle swiftly hit back while speaking to Deadline News.

Jonathan Tomney, 41, said: "I’m sick to death of my property being vandalised.

"Every Saturday night when I park the van up somewhere I put the spikes on.

"I only put it on over the weekends to stop my property from being vandalised.”

He added: "I just hope that if one of the little b******s tries to take my wing mirror again they’ll sever their hand."

Maybe next time, Jonathan. you could win over your neighbours with the addition of some trolley spoilers?

Just an idea.

Featured Image Credit: u/ilikemountaingoats/Reddit. GV Images / Alamy Stock Photo

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