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Aussie horrified to see huge spider sitting on top of toilet paper inside bathroom

Jayden Collins

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Aussie horrified to see huge spider sitting on top of toilet paper inside bathroom

Ah Australia, the country where you can be confronted by terrifying wildlife at any moment or time.

If you’ve ever been to outback Australia or heard any stories then you know the land down under is riddled with terrifying pests and creepy crawlies.

Well, one lad has come face to face with the brilliant wonders of Australian wildlife at perhaps their most vulnerable moment: right after finishing a not-so-pleasant number two. 

Taking to Reddit to reveal his harrowing story, the person who goes by the name Aussiewhiskeydiver posted an image of a horrifying huntsman spider sitting on top of their toilet roll. 


The eight-legged beast looks about the size of a hand as it perched itself menacingly atop the paper roll. 

And the worst part comes within the caption of the photo.

The Reddit user wrote: “After a rushed and violent bout of diarrhoea you are presented with the option to wipe or not to wipe.”


Oh dear god.

Only in Australia could you be faced with such a disastrous decision. 

And well, the comments weren’t too helpful either.

One user wrote: “Imagine not noticing it, pulling on the toilet paper and it plops onto your hand. Lucky you’re on the toilet.”


Prepare for another fear-induced trip to the bog.

Another user added: “And these holders are not often transparent! New fear unlocked.”

I’m never heading into a public bathroom again. 

Credit: Nicholas Christiansen / Alamy
Credit: Nicholas Christiansen / Alamy

Another user commented: “Arachnophobe with IBS checking in. This is a nightmare vision for me.”

Meanwhile, one user gave perhaps the only piece of advice that would potentially get the lad out of the situation - although, not an ideal one at that.

They said: “Sacrifice the undies mate.”

To be fair, I don’t see any other way out of it.


If you ever want to show a tourist a true representation of Australia then make sure to indulge them in this photo.

They’ll think once or twice before venturing to this country again. 

I mean, Aussie animals sure aren’t ones to be messed with.

Recently, a man was killed by his own pet kangaroo who then made the rather vindictive move of preventing paramedics from giving him life-saving medical aid. 

Just stay away from Australia folks.

Featured Image Credit: u/Aussiewhiskeydiver/Reddit. The Simpsons.

Topics: Australia, Animals, Reddit

Jayden Collins
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