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Aussies are demanding humongous American SUVs to be banned after picture goes viral

Aussies are demanding humongous American SUVs to be banned after picture goes viral

Locals are hitting out against 'Yank Tanks' and say they're too big for Aussie roads and car parks.

Aussies are demanding those humungous American SUVs be banned after pictures went viral on social media.

With the emergence of more American SUVs on Aussie roads, many believe they’re too big, especially in metropolitan areas.

One Reddit user by the name of u/YankinAustralia posted of an enormous SVU found in Logan, Queensland, with a caption: “Why take one spot when you can take four?”

And, of course, the comment section was red hot.


One user said: “Straight outta tailgating in the fast lane to a shopping centre near you.”

Another wrote: “This is what s**ts me about the influx of Yank Tanks that is happening now. Our roads and parking infrastructure are not made for vehicles this large. You wouldn't cruise to the shops in a semi, and these have a similar wheelbase.”

One American native also chimed in, claiming these cars were too big for the US too.

“As an American, can confirm. These are too big for the US as well. The problem is if you want a pickup/ute at all, you don't have any other choice other than these douche dozers,” they wrote.

“Compact pickups like the Toyota Hilux, or the most perfect car ever made, the Holden Ute, simply are not available in the US. The best you can do is buy a late 90's era Toyota/Nissan which are getting a bit long in the tooth these days.”

The viral image has led some calling for the vehicles to be booted from Australia.

One user said: "These massive vehicles should be heavily taxed or banned unless required for specific purposes. There's no reason for an average person to need a ute bigger than a minivan."

Another added: "Honestly think these types of cars should be banned/restricted. No legit need for them here."

Some users jumped in to defend the vehicles (but not the drivers) by saying they can fit into normal car spots but there's not much wiggle room.

A different Reddit user posted a photo of another huge SUV with the caption: “Don't get me wrong, I'm all for positive well-being, but how are these oversized Emotional Support Vehicles even legal on Australian roads?”

One user said: “They contribute to congestion. Can't see past these things to actually appropriately brake for the traffic, have to just trust that they're braking correctly. Also, with their width, a motorcycle can't lane split between them - fair enough if they're trucks and it's actual commercial use, but just for a cashed-up bogan.”

Another commented: “I have this issue even with 'normal' SUV's or crossovers. You can't see traffic beyond them because they block the view. It's plain dangerous.”

While a third shared: “Nobody needs a private vehicle this size. Absolutely nobody. They should be classed as commercial vehicles that deter people from buying them.”

Another user suggested they should be charged double the amount for purchasing such a vehicle, while another said: “Double their rego too.”

We’re just praying this vanity culture regarding monster-sized trucks burns out quickly.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/YankinAustralia. Reddit/Kid_Self

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