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Aussies are being urged to know the warnings signs when children need mental health help

Sponsored by KidsExpress
Sponsored by KidsExpress
Aussies are being urged to know the warnings signs when children need mental health help

There has been so much work done over the past few years to encourage adults to seek mental health support when they’re struggling, however that messaging equally applies to kids.

Anxiety, family troubles, issues at school, cyberbullying, struggles with identity, there are many things that can affect a child’s mental health.

However, it might not be as obvious when children are battling inner demons when compared to an adult. Children often find it difficult to understand and express what they are feeling.

That’s why KidsXpress is leading the charge for adults to be aware of the warning signs that a child might need mental health help.

KidsXpress is a pioneer in Australia of expressive therapies and a leader in supporting the mental health of children under the age of 12.

Credit: Supplied
Credit: Supplied

The organisation has come up with an incredible and informative See the Signs campaign to point out what you should look out for if you’re worried something isn’t right.

If you notice sudden changes in their mood, prolonged bouts of sadness or feelings of hopelessness, consistent academic decline or difficulty completing tasks, avoidance of social scenarios, outbursts of rage, constant worrying, self-harm, perfectionism or repetitive behaviours, then it’s likely that the child will benefit from some support and intervention.

A survey conducted for KidsXpress found one in two Australians regret not receiving mental health support in their childhood.

That is shocking.

The survey also found that, one in three Aussie parents are concerned they might not recognise poor mental health in their child.

Credit: Supplied
Credit: Supplied

Thankfully there’s been a big shift in our understanding around Mental Health. Gone are the days when kids are told to stiffen that upper lip. It is healthy for kids to express their feelings so that they’re not bottled up and then manifest in harmful ways.

This does not always have to be verbal. Expressive therapy uses creativity such as art, music, drama, dance and play in a therapeutic way to help children unlock and express their hurt.

KidsXpress says: “Parents and carers plus other adults in a child’s life such as teachers, sports coaches and childcare workers are all in a position to identify the signs a child needs help.

“It is now widely recognised by professionals that if children are not supported there is a risk that challenges could carry into their adult years, with more serious consequences which are harder to address.

“While some behaviours are just part of growing up, some tend to signify an underlying issue. In those cases, recognising signs and seeking help in time can really make a difference.”

If you want to learn the signs to look for or want more information on children’s mental health then click here.

Featured Image Credit: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images. mrs/Getty Images

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