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Man tells reporter his 'mum came round' after he was asked about his night in prison

Man tells reporter his 'mum came round' after he was asked about his night in prison

The 18-year-old has been compared to Aussie party boy Corey Worthington after he unleashed on journalists in a bonkers interview.

An Aussie man has taken social media by storm after telling a reporter that their 'mum came round' after he was asked about his night in prison. Watch the bizarre footage below:

Journalists confronted the 18-year-old outside the Gold Coast watchhouse in Southport after he allegedly robbed a petrol station with a machete.

However, the reporters got more than they bargained for, with the teen flinging crude insults their way without hesitation.

When asked by the reporters if he would be fighting the charges, the teen screamed 'yes, c**t', before stomping into the Gold Coast's Southport Police Station.

When he later emerged, the two journalists were still there waiting for him.

"F**k you 7News, f*** you 9News," he shouted, before declaring that he was back for 'round two'.

"Give me the mic,” the teen demanded and grabbed the journalists’ microphones.

The teen had some choice words for the journalists.
Nine News

He then fired up when he was asked how his night in the watchhouse had been.

"Yeah pretty good. Your mum came around and she came to visit me, I had a pretty good time," he replied.

"I’m probably going to see her again, that sounds like a good idea to me."

Yikes. But he wasn't done roasting the reporters, turning to the 7News journalist to unleash on him too.

"I’m going to see his mum, then I’m going to see your sister," he told the reporter.

When the journalist replied that he doesn't have a sister, the teen took another swipe.

"Well, you will in nine months won’t you," he fired back with a grin, as the two reporters stared back at him in shock.

His foul-mouthed rant has since divided social media, with some taking issue with his choice of language, while others claimed he had won their hearts with the wild interview.

The teen was also compared to infamous Aussie party boy Corey Worthington.

One social media user said: "Corey Worthington walked so he could run."

A second added: "I can’t help but respect how he came up with those zingers under pressure, I like him."

A third praised the news channel for sharing the spicy content online: "Channel Nine covering the best stories - can you please interview more people that hate you and are as entertaining as this guy? My new hero."

Corey Worthington threw a party at his parent's house in Melbourne and then gave A Current Affair years of promos with an iconic shirtless interview.

And if you haven't seen it, you really should hop to it. It's Aussie chaos at its finest.

Featured Image Credit: Nine News

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