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Man who won £21 million on lottery and quit work the next day shares how he spent his winnings

Man who won £21 million on lottery and quit work the next day shares how he spent his winnings

The Australian quit his job and dived into a lucrative animal-based business venture.

An Australian man who won millions on the lottery has revealed what he has invested his money in - and how his recent investments have been paying off.

Back in 2019, North Queensland dweller, Cliff Little, became an overnight millionaire, after collecting the entirety of a Powerball jackpot.

With $40 million (£21 million) in the bank, the lotto winner went on to splash the cash and make further bank on his winnings.

In an interview with Australian news broadcaster, 9 News, Little explained what it felt like to win the jackpot.

“When I see them come up - 1, 2, 3, 12, 20 - I said “Oof! I’m getting more than my money back,” he said.

“The guy rang up, I said: ‘Who the hell are you?’ … he was from Lotto, and he confirmed it. I couldn’t go back to sleep.”

The Australian has spent his millions on flashy cars and properties for his family.
9 News

Upon receiving the phone call, Little said: 'I thought I would check my ticket before bed. I was quite calm. I knew I had some of the numbers and thought I might have won division six.

“Then I had another look and thought 'no, you b******s are wrong!' I had a look again. Then I went and had a shower.”

Retiring immediately from his career as a disability worker, the Australian went on to purchase a snazzy Toyota Supra sports car, properties for his children, and racehorses.

Setting up as a racehorse owner and investing in thoroughbreds has apparently been a lucrative investment.

“People might scoff at this, but the money is great. It’s only secondary importance when you see the cups,” Little explained.

The millionaire has never met his horse trainer, Rex Lipp.
9 News

“Lotto is a game of chance, as we all know, but winning a Group One with the trainer training the horse and the jockey primed to go with it, that’s the excitement, the tactics in it and things like that.”

One of the racehorses he owns is a two-year-old called Cifrado. It’s reported that the racehorse has earned him a staggering $881,000 (£471,000) in prize money thus far.

According to, Cifrado is set to compete in the 'prestigious $1 million JJ Atkins Plate at Eagle Farm”' this weekend - having achieved back-to-back first place finishes in previous horse races.

Despite striking gold, it’s reported that the former carer has never met his horse's trainer, Rex Lipp.

The man who purchased Cifrado on the millionaire’s behalf admitted: "I've never met him, I've never seen a photo of him, but I told Cliff this is the only colt I like in the sale and he virtually left it to me.”

Regarding his change in net worth over the last few years, the millionaire simply stated: “It's amazing. You dream about these things but when it happens you don't believe it.”

Featured Image Credit: 9 News

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