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Australians won't be forced to isolate if they get Covid-19 after massive rule shakeup

Australians won't be forced to isolate if they get Covid-19 after massive rule shakeup

Most Aussies will be free to roam the streets from October 14 even if they're contagious.

The Australian government has ditched the rule requiring citizens to isolate at home if they get coronavirus.

People have been forced to stay in their homes or even confined to just their bedrooms when they got Covid-19.

The law was designed to stem the spread of the virus and ensure people waited enough time until they weren't contagious.

That timeframe started at 14 days and was brought down to seven, before eventually being cut to five earlier this year.

However, following a National Cabinet meeting, it was declared that isolation rules are out the door...for most of us.

The rules will officially change on October 14.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said: “The pandemic leave disaster payments will end at that time as well, with the exception of people in high-risk settings, which need to be given particular support."

He explained that people who work in aged care, disability care and healthcare will still be required to isolate at home if they get Covid-19.

News Corp says state and territory leaders did not run their decision to scrap isolation rules by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee, which includes state chief health officers.

But, the idea was run by the national chief medical officer.

People have been warned that this rule change does not 'in any way suggest that the pandemic is finished'.

Australia's chief medical officer, Professor Paul Kelly said: "We will almost certainly see future peaks of the virus into the future, as we have seen earlier in this year. 

“However, at the moment, we have very low rates of both cases."

Featured Image Credit: REUTERS/Jaimi Joy. ronstik / Alamy Stock Photo

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