Authorities Investigating YouTuber's Plane Crash As Fans Accuse Him Of Faking It

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Authorities Investigating YouTuber's Plane Crash As Fans Accuse Him Of Faking It

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are investigating a plane crash involving YouTuber Trevor Jacob.

This comes as fans speculate that the 28-year-old was faking the whole thing.

The snowboarder told his 127,000 subscribers that he was flying to Mammoth Lakes to spread the ashes of a friend.

You can watch the video below (it contains some strong language):


He was believed to have taken off from Lompoc Airport on 24 November, whilst the crash was said to have occurred in Los Padres National Forest near Cuyama, California.

The footage shows Jacob stuck in mid air after the engine allegedly fails and forces him to take action.


The YouTuber opts to open the plane door in mid air and jump to safety with the help of his parachute.

Cameras located on the aircraft show three angles of him diving out of the plane, head first.

As he lands to safety with a few cuts and scratches, he locates the crashed aircraft and says how lucky he is to be alive.

Before the video ends, Jacob continues on his hike and ends up climbing a mountain days later to spread the ashes of his late friend.


The viral vid captioned 'I Crashed My Plane' was uploaded to his YouTube account on 24 December and has since racked up over 528,000 views.

"The FAA is investigating this event," the agency said in a statement, as per AVweb. "The agency does not discuss open investigations."

Fans have appeared to slow down frames of the aircraft fall in order to 'prove' that it was fake.


One user wrote: "I’m pretty convinced Trevor Jacob crashed his airplane on purpose for YT content.

"No attempt to restart the engine?

"Didn’t even look for possible landing sites? Just immediately bails and parachutes down?

"Cameras angled exactly right to film his bail? It’s too suspect."


Another user slammed: "This the weirdest stunt for likes I've seen yet."

A third added: "Lol. Trevor Jacob bought a ridge wallet, and then intentionally bailed on his plane, letting it nose dive into the mountains. That type of plane was a STOL, and it had bush tires.

"Coincidence? Or maybe the weight of the ridge wallet caused him to use too much fuel? Hmmm."

LADbible has contacted Trevor Jacob for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/TreverJacob

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