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Couples are avoiding having sex at certain times in case their baby gets born with a 'bad' zodiac sign

Couples are avoiding having sex at certain times in case their baby gets born with a 'bad' zodiac sign

Because it's all written in the stars, apparently.

Hopeful parents are taking odd steps when it comes to bumping uglies. Some scrupulous star-charters are avoiding sex at certain times of the year to ensure their babies aren't born with 'bad' zodiac signs.

While many parents-to-be focus on ovulation, optimum conception periods, or even planning their child’s future nurseries, others have admitted to purposely timing pregnancies to nab the best zodiac signs and birth months for their offspring.

Some parents have taken to social media to discuss the pros and cons of abstaining from sex in order to avoid a potentially a bung star sign.

One hopeful mum logged on to Reddit to share that her husband wasn't really on board with the idea.

"Has anyone tried planning their future children's zodiac based on you and your significant other's zodiac? My husband thinks I'm crazy for wanting to plan our next child according to signs so that when we do have another child we can all be compatible," she wrote.

"Aries or Taurus, babes?"
Westend61 GmbH/Alamy.

One user responded: "My best friend wants to have sex only in March so that her future child is a Sag-Sun, like me."

Another chimed in with: "I did this because I didn’t want a Scorpio, so I calculated which months to try and which to avoid."

A third added: "I'm avoiding sex around February to avoid a Scorpio altogether. Now I have to worry about Scorpio moon."

Other social media users just pointed out the futility of such an exercise.

"Any planning on the part of the parents is just an illusion of control I think, typical of human adults," one person wrote.

A second added: "I will love my baby no matter what their sign is."

A third just went straight in with a joke to highlight the silliness of the idea: "We’re getting a Pisces! Wait, s**t, now it's Aries... honey, can you hold it two more hours?"

Woman, clearly regretting her Virgo child.
Nadezhda Egorova/Alamy.

The internet can be a dark and desolate place, so at least there may be some comfort for future parents that there are always others out there willing to reflect your own silly ideas back at you.

But it isn't just a weird corner of social media.

According to a survey conducted by People, one in five Americans would consider planning a pregnancy around what star sign they'd like their future child to have

The survey of thousands - split evenly by zodiac sign, of course - revealed 31 per cent of millennials are especially fussy about their future baby's star sign.

Gen Z came in at slightly less, with 25 per cent concerned about the zodiac.

Baby boomers barely gave it a thought, with a mere five per cent admitting they would plan a pregnancy around their baby's potential star sign.

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