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Boris Becker said prison inmate threatened to kill him while in UK jail

Boris Becker said prison inmate threatened to kill him while in UK jail

Former Tennis player Boris Becker has claimed a prison inmate tried to kill him when he was in a UK jail.

Former Grand Slam tennis champion Boris Becker has said a prison inmate threatened to kill him in a UK prison in his first interview since his release.

Becker was only freed from prison last than a week ago after serving eight months of his sentence for hiding £2.5 million worth of assets to avoid paying debts.

Back in April, the former German tennis player was jailed for two and a half years after being found guilty of four separate charges under the Insolvency Act.

But it seems Becker had a pretty rough time in prison, despite serving less than half of his original sentence.

Boris Becker told his prison story in an emotional interview on German TV.
Sat 1

In an emotional interview with German broadcaster Sat 1, Becker recalled how an inmate in Wandsworth threatened to kill him.

He said: "I thought I would lose my life in Wandsworth, someone - a murderer I later found out - wanted my coat and he wanted money and he said he would kill me if he didn't get it."

In a separate incident in Huntercombe prison, Becker was threatened by another prisoner whom he calls John.

Becker said John had been in prison for over 16 years after killing two people when he was 18.

According to Becker, John was apparently unhappy with the former tennis player's relationship with Black inmates.

John apparently also threatened to sexually assault Becker, and threatened him with physical harm.

Recalling the confrontation, Becker said: "I was shaking so bad - I shouted loudly and immediately the inmates came out and threatened him."

Becker said that a group of about ten prisoners came out to help him as he screamed for help.

They told John to leave or else he'd be beat up, according to Becker.

Becker said: "He was dangerous. He couldn’t understand why I was so connected with Black prisoners.

"Prison world is a bit different."

Becker was jailed back in April.
Imageplotter / Alamy Stock Photo

But Becker sad that John later approached him and asked to be forgiven for what he had done.

The pair did make up, with Becker adding: "I hugged him and told him I had great respect for him."

LADbible has contacted the Ministry of Justice for comment.

Elsewhere in the interview, Becker explained how he had to watch his back at all times - especially when he was in the shower.

He said: "I had two big concerns, one was a double cell, sharing a cell with someone who could attack you or threaten you and then the shower cubicles.

"You close the door, take your clothes off and look behind you, it's not human.

"You have seen the films and dropping the soap, but then the governor explained to me that it would be safe, so I was grateful to him."

Featured Image Credit: Sat 1

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