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Boss introduces ‘Bare Minimum Mondays’ to give her staff a ‘gentle’ start to the week

Boss introduces ‘Bare Minimum Mondays’ to give her staff a ‘gentle’ start to the week

Are you a lazy sloth? Well, this might appeal to you, then.

You've heard of quiet quitting. Now let us introduce you to the next big thing in workplace trends that's being dubbed as 'lazy' by - you guessed it - the Baby Boomer generation.

The new trend is called 'Bare Minimum Mondays' and Australian marketing boss Caitlin Winter has decided to lean into it.

If you're a bit unfamiliar with the concept of doing the bare minimum, let me, an expert lazy person and professional taker of 'the easy way out', explain it to you.

The movement basically promotes a 'gentle start' to the working week.

This could be by working from home on Mondays, or a half day, or whatever. It is just designed to be less stress.

Loads of people have the Sunday Scaries where they are terrified of the week ahead and don't get to enjoy the final day of their weekend.

This new way of working is meant to avoid this exact feeling.

And let's face it: We could all use some time to be a little kinder to ourselves, anyway.

Winter, the Adelaide based marketing manager, told that for her, it was a way for staff to take their day at their own pace and to treat themselves with 'space and kindness'.

"A lot of people think it means I sit in my PJs all day in front of the TV and do no work," she said.

"But in reality, it is simply a day where we work from home, don’t schedule in any meetings and generally just treat ourselves with a little more space and kindness to set up for a productive week ahead.

"For us, it means not putting pressure on ourselves to get those big projects done."

She added: "Other things that we might get to do on these days are loads of washing we didn’t get to on the weekend, grocery shopping, planning dinners for the week or walking your dog.

"For one member of my team, it means being able to drop off and pick up her kids from school which she is unable to do during the week."

Imagine if your employer did Bare Minimum Mondays AND kicked off a four-day week at your job.

Golly, we sure as hell wouldn't be Quiet Quitting anytime soon.

Winter says she was inspired to introduce the concept to her office after reading up about its creator.

Marisa Jo Mayes went viral for coining the term 'Bare Minimum Mondays'.

She wrote an essay for Insider where she said: "Every week, the 'Sunday scaries' would hit, and every Monday, I'd sleep in until the absolute last second because I knew that list was waiting for me.

"The pressure I was putting on myself was paralyzing, and I realized something had to change."

Featured Image Credit: LinkedIn/Caitlin Winter. Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

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