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Marathon runner caught taking a poo in stranger's garden on home doorbell video

Marathon runner caught taking a poo in stranger's garden on home doorbell video

Someone discovered the man part way through his 'bathroom' break

A runner in this week’s Boston Marathon got caught short and had to dip out for a poo in someone’s garden because sometimes, the call of nature is just too loud to ignore.

To make the whole matters even worse, the moment was caught on camera thanks to the homeowners doorbell cam. Yes, it’s grim but I know you’re going to click here to see it:

More than 30,000 runners took to the streets of Boston, US on Monday (17 April) to run the 26.2 miles and earn themselves a shiny medal.

With hours of pavement pounding ahead of them, most runners would opt to use the toilet before setting off and, if you do realise you need to go part way through, there are portable toilets set up en route.

However, one bloke didn’t bother himself with waiting to find a proper toilet and instead slipped off the route to do a quick number one in some poor unsuspecting person’s garden.

In the footage, spectators can be heard cheering on the runners in the background, while the mystery pooper squats down in a move that’s deserving of no applause at all.

An unidentified runner from the Boston Marathon was caught using someone's garden to have an emergency poo.

Just as he’s doing his business another man appears and walks down the path, spotting the pooper/runner.

With his pants still down round his ankles, the runner and the other fella have an awkward stand-off of sorts before the spectator eventually walks off. Probably one of the more unusual interactions he’s had in his life.

Once he’s done, the bloke simply stands up - well, he’s got nothing to wipe with has he? - and re-enters the race through a gap in the bushes.

As you can imagine, the footage has since gone viral racking up hundreds of thousands of views as well as attracting plenty of comments from people who can’t quite believe what they’ve just seen.

FYI, he didn't wipe.

In a comment on Twitter one person said: “That’s disgusting as hell.”

Another wrote: “Imagine mowing the grass and like WTF...wait...WTH…”

While a third commented: “If the runner was a top finisher and didn’t have time to wait for a Potty I could understand, a random runner has no business doing this.”

Others sympathised with the runner, with one person adding: “Preworkout drink and bcaa’s before the run finally kicked in. I know how this feels.” Unlucky, mate.

Someone else said: “That sucks but all that nerves and caffeine and stuff they probably take, he’s human after all.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@babzonthemic

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