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Brazen thief seen robbing bakery before cleaning entire store in weird CCTV footage

Brazen thief seen robbing bakery before cleaning entire store in weird CCTV footage

They took only six cupcakes and left the bakery sparkling clean.

There is a rather contentious cat burglar on the loose in Canada who has been captured on CCTV forcing his way into a bakery to clean it from top to bottom.

Canadian baker Emma Irvine told the Daily Mail she was.shocked to find that someone had forced entry into her small business in Vancouver.

But, weirdly enough, the store was tidier than she had left it.

She decided to check the CCTV footage and was 'left in stitches' by what she saw.

She saw the unknown man break into her Sweet Something store by smashing the glass door.

He then can be seen gingerly climbing through before taking a seat.

It looked like he expected to be served which was not happening as it was the middle of the night.

Video of the burglary showed the thief breaking in before sweeping the floor, taking selfies on the company phone and then fleeing with the mere booty of six chocolate champagne cupcakes.

Despite seeing the funny side Irvine thanked those who have watched and shared her videos, saying 'we all know its been a tough time for small businesses in the food industry.'

'It's been really nice to see the community come together and get behind us so I just want to say thanks to each and every one of you.'

'Initially, my heart sank,' Irvine later told Insider. 'It's hard as a small business — especially coming out of COVID — to survive right now, and one more expense doesn't make it easier.'

However, she said the circumstances meant her 'mindset quickly changed. It was hilarious – I was in stitches watching (the footage),' Irvine said.

Ultimately she found she 'can't be too mad at this guy.'

On the attention the video has got the business owner said: 'I thought no one was going to see it (other than) my friends. I didn't think that we'd be getting the traction that we've gotten. The media on the business is far more than I could've ever dreamed.'

Featured Image Credit: TikTok.

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