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You Can Get Paid £30k To Eat Cheese But Only If You're Called Gary

You Can Get Paid £30k To Eat Cheese But Only If You're Called Gary

Brew City have are in search for a new ‘Chief Snacking Officer’ but only those named Gary can apply

If you're lucky enough to be called Gary, you might also be lucky enough to pocket a mega £30,000 to simply eat cheese and drink beer. Not a bad gig, we'd say!

Brew City are on the lookout for a 'new ‘Chief Snacking Officer’ as part of their new #WeWantGary campaign.

One lucky person could get the opportunity to become the official brand taste tester and 'venture off on a "market research" trip to Boston with two friends'.

What's so special about the name 'Gary'?

Well, the company have named their campaign after 'the king of snacks' Gary Lineker who they refer to as 'that crisp-loving Gary from Leicester'.

Brew City Product Manager, Becky Slater said: "We did our best to steal crisp fan Gary from Leicester, as we thought it was about time he backed a proper snack like ours.

Brew City are on the hunt for a Gary who has a serious appetite for cheese and beer.
Brew City

"We always knew it would be a long shot and in the end he couldn’t be torn from the ready salted packets he’s eaten since the early 90s.

"Now, Brew City are on the hunt to find a rival Gary to crown the ‘King of Snacks’ and help celebrate a new, more exciting, era of snacking.

"We believe our superior hot bites deserve a Chief Snacking Officer who can dedicate some serious time to enjoying them, in exchange for a whopping £30,000. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to eat a years supply of cheese!?

"It might even be worth changing your name to Gary!"

A 'Chief Snacking Officer' is needed.
Brew City

Applicants will need to impress a panel of judges headed up by YouTuber JaackMaate.

JaackMaate said: "As a big Brew City fan, I had to get involved in this campaign.

"It’s obviously the perfect food job and if I was called Gary myself, I’d definitely be applying!

"Alas, being called Jack means I can’t, so I jumped at the chance to step up as head judge and help them track down the perfect Gary to become their Chief Snacking Officer.

"I want to see Garys up and down the country declare their love for snacks and beer, by sharing the best applications they can! Gary’s are often said to be the life and soul of the party… (although it is mainly Gary claiming that).

Who wouldn't want to get paid to eat a never-ending supply of cheesy snacks?
Instagram/Brew City

"So, let’s see it!"

To any Gazzas that might want to give it a go, simply head over to Brew City’s Instagram page, hit the follow button, like the post and comment beneath to share what your first act as CSO would be and why.

Applications for the CSO open on Brew City’s Instagram are now open and close on 13 May.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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