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Brit puts £50 note with Queen's face on eBay for £10,000

Brit puts £50 note with Queen's face on eBay for £10,000

One Brit reckons one of the last £50 notes with the Queen printed on it could fetch a big price

One enterprising Brit has decided to try and sell a £50 note for £10,000 after the Queen died.

Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday (8 September) at Balmoral Castle aged 96 and with the passing of a monarch all sorts of sweeping changes are set to affect the UK.

The Queen's image and name was such a constant part of so many facets of life in the UK ranging from stamps and money, though ones featuring the Queen will be in use for quite a long time before designs featuring the new King come into use.

In time images of the new King will come to replace those of his mother on all sorts of things, which could eventually mean that money and stamps with the Queen's face on them could become rare commodities.

Current money is still legal tender and will continue to be so, but over time the Queen's image will become less and less seen in everyday life for Brits as it eventually gets taken out of circulation.

The £50 note listed for £10,000.

One person is trying to get ahead of the potential rush by selling off a new polymer £50 note, and they moved very quickly.

Listing the money on eBay less than an hour after the announcement of the Queen's death, they are wanting a whopping £10,000 for the £50 note they're willing to part with.

The listing reads: "£50 Note Uncirculated AA01 089063 Last Denomination Note With The Queens Face On.

"£50 Polymer Note Uncirculated AA01 089063.

"Brand New From The Bank Of England. Will come well packaged to prevent damage. Postage by Royal Mail special delivery paid for by me free of charge."

There is also an option to submit a best offer, and with nine days to go nobody has yet bid on the note.

Most Brits don't really use £50 notes.
Malcolm Haines / Alamy Stock Photo

It's certainly an enterprising move, trying to shift what could one day be a valuable collectors item when it comes to currency, but for it to work somebody is going to have to fork over £10,000 for a £50 note.

It also depends on a buyer believing that an uncirculated £50 printed at the end of the Queen's reign is going to be far more valuable than its listed value one day.

While there are many coin collectors who pay large sums for rare finds, a £50 with the Queen on it might not actually be all that rare depending on how long it takes for new notes with King Charles III's face on them to be printed and minted.

Many Brits will never even come into contact with the currency, which bears the face of World War Two codebreaking genius Alan Turing along with the Queen's image.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press/PA/Alamy Stock Photo

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