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Brit teen was lured to death by drug dealer who set up honeytrap, dad claims

Brit teen was lured to death by drug dealer who set up honeytrap, dad claims

Father, Steve Graham struggled to contain his emotions when met with his son's potential killer.

A British father has been left devastated following an incident which has led him to believe his son was killed due to a methamphetamine murder plot.

60-year-old Steven Graham is under the impression that a childhood friend of his son had lured him to death, in what is being described as a 'honeytrap murder plot'. The childhood friend was also found dead and there's said to be a 44-year-old man involved in the incident.

Steve Graham's son, Ben Taota.

Graham believes his son was lured to his death by a drug dealer in Lampang in Thailand. Since the tragic incident, Graham has confronted the killer with the help of police who have staged a reconstruction of the murder.

Police held Graham back as he yelled and expressed his anger toward the man who is suspected of killing his son, Ben Taota. The man in question is drug dealer, Chaitwat Boongarin.

Fighting back his tears, Graham was heard screaming at Boongarin saying: "Look me in the eyes, you b*****d."

Both parents including Ben's mother, Ooy, have spoken to DailyMail about the harrowing incident that resulted in the tragic death of their son. It's believed that Ben was lured by a 15-year-old girl who encouraged him to meet his killer.

The girl, who was understood to be hooked on methamphetamine, was with Ben and they rode to a secluded spot on his bike.

She has been named as Suraphltchaya Khasma, and was sadly found dead after disappearing. Thai police have confirmed that they have found a body.

Investigations are still underway.

Commenting on the tragic circumstance, Ben's father, Steve, explained his understanding of the situation.

"Ben was lured to meet his killer in some kind of honeytrap set by this young girl. She is only 15. She and Ben have known each other since they were young. They were close." said Steve, continuing "But she is believed to have been in a relationship with this man, Wat. He had recently been released from prison and it is clear he was a prolific drug dealer. A very evil man."

Father, Steve Graham, believes that Wat was supplying the young girl with drugs, and Ben had only gotten involved with him 'because the girl was involved.'

Graham struggled to contain his emotions when met with his son's suspected killer.

Currently, police are interrogating Boongarin, who has allegedly admitted to the murder of Ben Taota. However, as it stands, he has denied murdering 15-year-old Suraphltchaya.

Steve spoke about his reaction to coming face to face with his son's potential murderer, saying: "Usually I am very English and reserved about my emotions and my anger.

"But after spending that long flight from the UK thinking about my beloved Ben I was just grabbed by the throat by the situation. I used some terrible words. It just flowed out of me."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Woromet Taota

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