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Naked Brit found on Thai beach after massive bender with no recollection of last two days

Naked Brit found on Thai beach after massive bender with no recollection of last two days

This makes The Hangover look tame...

In a situation straight out of The Hangover, a naked Brit was discovered on a Thai beach with no memory of what happened after a two-day bender.

The unidentified man, 30, from Epsom, Surrey, had been celebrating his birthday with beer and marijuana on a sesh that began on 27 October.

He was discovered two days later on 29 October by stunned locals on Koh Samui, stumbling around and singing 'football songs' before he got into the sea and attempted to swim away.

The man had been in the country for a wedding and was travelling on a tourist visa.

While a fisherman attempted to help the man when he was in the water, he allegedly became aggressive and screamed that he wanted 'go and meet with God'.

But despite his protests, the fisherman was able to save him by pulling the man onto the coast of Maenam Beach, where he was found naked by police.

The naked man wanted to meditate after his two-day bender.
Viral Press

When they attempted to intervene, the man told them that he couldn't leave the paradise beach because he wanted to meditate.

An interpreter said 'go back to your hotel, shower and then go back to your meditating', but the man, who had reportedly only been drinking and taken marijuana - which is legal in Thailand - said he wanted to stay on the beach and 'relax'.

"Yeah I understand, but this is not really the right time for that. You've got [counting] 12 policemen around you," the interpreter replied.

The man said in response: "No, I'm not going back. Let me worry about getting back and let me relax. I'm coming here to go to a wedding."

He was then taken to a local police station for a drugs test, which came back negative.

The Brit was fined for public indecency, and he will be permitted to leave the country when his holiday comes to a close.

The unidentified man initially tried to swim away to 'go and meet with God'.
Viral Press

The incident has drawn comparisons with The Hangover - a 2009 film that centres upon a group of friends who go on a stag do in Las Vegas, but they end up drugged and waking up the next day with no idea what happened.

The film then follows their attempts to piece together what they can't remember about their wild night out.

The fisherman who rescued the man said: "I saw the tourist in the sea struggling to stay afloat so I was worried he could drown. I tried to help him into my boat but he was aggressive.

"I don't want him to be punished. I'm relieved that he is safe now. Maybe he had too much to drink and the weather was too hot for him, so he behaved a bit crazy, but I think he is a good person."

Featured Image Credit: Viral Press

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