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Brits try to rescue friend trapped in underground Malaga bin after drunken prank goes wrong

Tom Wood

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A piece of bizarre video footage seems to show a group of mates attempting to help free their friend from an underground bin in Malaga.

Yes, someone who was probably on a drunken holiday out in the south of Spain managed to get themselves into a big bin - or their mates got them in there - before realising that they couldn’t get out of it.

You’d be shocked if this wasn’t exactly the sort of thing we hear about every summer in these situations, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, the guy involved here appears to be called Tiggy, and appears to be British.


At least, if you watch the video you’ll be in little doubt that his friends are, anyway.

From what we can deduce, it seems to have been a ‘drunken prank’ that went a bit awry, meaning that those involved had to start working together in order to get Tiggy out of the waste container.

As you can see, he was in a bit of a pickle. Credit: Solarpix
As you can see, he was in a bit of a pickle. Credit: Solarpix

Not how you’d want to spend your getaway on the Costa del Sol, really.


Or is it?

You can genuinely never tell with some people.

Anyway, in the video, some of the men can be heard saying: "Tiggy, give me your hand."

Then, there’s a shout of ‘one, two, three’ as they clearly try to drag him out of the bin.


As they implore Tiggy to ‘bring [his] knees up’ some locals also offer advice, before a part of his head appears.

In the end - as you might imagine - they had to get someone else involved.

Police, firefighters, and workers from a maintenance company had to show out in order to get Tiggy free.

But, free him they did in the end.


According to local reports, the holidaymakers put Tiggy into the waste receptacle after some time on the drink.

The prank took place in Malaga’s busy Uncibay Square, right in the centre of the historic Spanish city.

At about 1:00am, the emergency services turned up after being alerted by a bar owner.

She reportedly called them to explain that the guys had been taking turns to open the container lid and get in, before one of them somehow became stuck in there.


That’ll be Tiggy, then.

Then, the friends rallied around to help him get out, but to no real avail.

As one person watching commented: “Is this real?”

Freeing Tiggy was quite an operation. Credit: Solarpix
Freeing Tiggy was quite an operation. Credit: Solarpix

Altogether too real, it transpired.

Anyway, he did get out, and came out with a smile on his face, even though he had his shirt off.

There were cheers from the locals as he was freed, but it can’t have been that amusing for the emergency services that were called out.

One witness is quoted as having said: “There are stupid people and then these.

“They’ve put a lad in an underground waste container and they can’t get him out.

“They've been trying to get him out for around the past half-hour.

“I don’t understand these people who get drunk and do these sorts of things.”

There’s plenty of them, there really is.

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Tom Wood
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