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Brits Set To Enjoy Hottest Day Of The Year As Temperatures Soar

Brits Set To Enjoy Hottest Day Of The Year As Temperatures Soar

It's looking like we could get highs of 27 degrees celsius today.

Time to call in sick and get yourself to a beer garden – the UK is expected to see temperature highs of 27 degrees celsius today in what'll be the hottest day of 2022 so far.

The Met Office has issued a host of weather warning for large chunks of the country due to the sudden rise in temperature, although there's also the chance of some thunderstorms. It's not looking like a settled-in either heatwave, either, so make the most of today (sorry employers).

The UK could be in for a heatwave very soon.

The forecaster's predictions show temperatures reaching a peak of of 27°C in London and 24°C in the north, with a mixed bag of sunshine and summer spells likely to stabilise by the weekend as high pressures build again.

Talking to the Daily Mirror, Met Office forecaster Richard Miles said: "Today will be dry, fine and warm, particularly in the south east which will be very warm, but in the coming week it will be sunny spells and heavy showers.

"Everyone will see a shower."

He added: "It's looking like more stable conditions are coming by the weekend as we start to see high pressure build again.

"We'll also see more average temperatures [around 16°C] by the weekend."

Those set to get the prime weather are those in London and the south east, who can look forward to highs of 27 °C on a largely dry day with sunny spells and light winds.

Met Office

Most of the country will be enjoying temperature higher than the average 16°C, though. The east of the country could enjoy highs of up to 26 °C, although it will feel fresher along the cost.

The Midlands meanwhile can look forward to 25 °C temperatures at peak, although in the West Midlands you can unfortunately expect some rain by the evening, as can those in the northwest of the country – despite day time temperatures of 23 °C.

Wales is also set to enjoy a warm day, with max temperatures of 23°C, although like much of the west will face some rain by the evening.

Large parts of Scotland can also enjoy some fine weather, with highs of 22°C, although you'll also see plenty of cloud and a bit of rain too that'll hit the borders earlier than in other parts of the country.

However, the only places where it isn't looking like a warm one today are in Northern Ireland, where temperatures will peak at a still fine 18°C – albeit interrupted by rain.

Looking at the bigger picture, highs of 27°C in the middle of May is mildly terrifying in the context of the global climate crisis, but at least you'll be able to get a few pints out in the sun in the meantime.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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