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Captive Russian Soldier Urges Family Not To Believe Russian Media About War In Ukraine

Captive Russian Soldier Urges Family Not To Believe Russian Media About War In Ukraine

The soldier says the Russian troops have sustained heavy losses and are 'cannon meat'

A captured Russian soldier has been filmed imploring his family not to believe the narrative touted in his home country, claiming that Vladimir Putin’s invading troops are killing civilians in Ukraine.

In the video, shared on Facebook by the Security Service of Ukraine, the prisoner of war said that the Kremlin was ‘brainwashing’ people and asked Russians not to believe everything that they hear in the media.

He also claimed that Russian troops are killing children and babies in Ukraine.

The soldier said: “What is happening here [in the Ukraine] is all Russia's fault. Neither Ukraine nor anyone else. They [Russian troops] killing people civilians. Babies are being murdered.”

It is not known who the soldier is, or where he was captured, but he assured his family that he is a ‘captive of the Ukrainians’ and said that there is ‘nothing to worry about’ with regards to his treatment.

The soldier said that Russia has sustained heavy losses.
Security Service of Ukraine

The soldier said that Russians are being used as ‘cannon meat’ and told the Russian people that Ukrainians are not a ‘bad people’.

Efforts have been made in Russia through state-owned media channels to paint the Russian invasion in a favourable light, although protests sprang up in most Russia cities after the operation was commenced.

The serviceman told the camera that between 8,000 and 10,000 Russian troops have been killed so far, although the Kremlin disputed that figure and has released number of its own on Wednesday.

The soldier continued: “We're the aggressor, we're the destroyers. So, as they say, we're the cannon meat,”

He then went on to explain that he was wounded, but has received treatment from Ukrainians, who he described as ‘very kind’.

Of course, we have to remember that he’s a captive soldier here, and therefore we must take everything he says with a pinch of salt.

This sort of message is commonplace during war, as both sides attempt to win then battle for people’s minds.

The solider said troops are being used as 'cannon meat'.
Security Service of Ukraine

Alongside the video, Ukraine’s Security Service wrote: “The tanker-aggressor begs his relatives not to trust a single word that is heard on Russian television, because the Kremlin authorities are deliberately brainwashing with lies.

“The occupier admits that Russia is the aggressor, their troops are beating civilians and killing children.

“At the same time, he says that for him, captivity is 'the only chance for survival'.

“He will live, but will not go unpunished! Let's win together!”

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Security Service of Ukraine

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