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Carlo Bonomi, the original voice actor of Pingu, has died at 85

Carlo Bonomi, the original voice actor of Pingu, has died at 85

The man who gifted the world with 'noot, noot' has passed away in Milan.

The man who voiced Pingu and gifted the world with the iconic 'noot, noot', Carlo Bonomi, has died at age 85, according to AF News.

Bonomi, who hailed from Milan, lent his voice to the claymation penguin from 1986 until 1999.

As well as voicing the cheeky penguin from the South Pole, the Italian voice actor also played the whole cast in episodes belonging to the earlier seasons.

Even though Pingu never uttered any words that made sense, generations of kids around the world fell in love with the bold little penguin, his friends, and their adventures around Antarctica.

Tributes have flowed on social media for Bonomi after kids who grew up around the world watching Pingu learned of his death.

US cartoonist Travis Bickerstaf said on social media: "R.I.P Carlo Bonomi, the original voice of Pingu. 1937-2022."

But just because Bonomi is gone, it does not mean that Pingu is gone too.

"If you're wondering if this will be the end of Pingu, it's not," Bickerstaff added. 

"Other voice actors in the Pingu franchise had carried on Bonomi's legacy since he established the 'Penguinese' language for the series."

Bickerstaf finished with: "The noot noot will live on."

Another Twitter user shared their own drawing of Pingu in memory of Bonomi, writing: "Carlo Bonomi aka Voice Actor of Pingu, recently passed away. So I made a quick drawing for him. Pingu was one of the best childhood shows, not only for me but around the whole world as well. Rest In Peace Carlo."

The social media user added: "Your noot noot shall not be forgotten."

Another Twitter user revealed the impact that the nonsensical little penguin had on his life in his earliest years.

"That programme was cute and funny to me as a child, but considering we never understood a word being said, the empathy I would feel for those animated animals was remarkable and I have this gentleman to thank," they said.

As well as voicing Pingu for four seasons, Bonomi also did the announcements at Milan's Central Station and Florence Santa Maria Novella Station, as per Italian media news site Cinematographie.

The recordings were played on a day-to-day basis until they were discontinued in December 2008.

Bonomi also worked on a number of Italian films, including line animation La Linea, which translates to The Line.

The cause of death for the voice actor has not been revealed.

Featured Image Credit: The Pygos Group. Twitter/Obtweets30.

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