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Chippy owner who 'celebrated' Queen's death has windows smashed in

Chippy owner who 'celebrated' Queen's death has windows smashed in

The owner of a fish and chip shop who 'celebrated' the Queen's death has now had her windows smashed.

The owner of a fish and chip shop in Scotland who appeared to celebrate the Queen's death has had her windows smashed in.

Jaki Pickett's chippy in Muir of Ord has been vandalised over her reaction to the news that the Queen had died.

She posted a video of herself dancing and cracking open a bottle of champagne while holding a chalkboard which read: "Lizard Liz is dead, London Bridge has fallen. Yeee Hooo."

The video, which since appears to have been taken down, was met with significant backlash on social media and many locals have made their feelings about Jaki's message known.


On Thursday (8 September) a crowd of people gathered outside the chippy, with some of them egging the windows while ketchup was also smeared across a bench outside.

Officers arrived and escorted Pickett from the building, with a Police Scotland spokesperson saying the group 'subsequently dispersed peacefully' and that 'no further police action has been required'.

However, officers later responded to reports of damage at the chip shop and found a circular hole had been smashed through the window.

Pictures shared on social media showed the chip shop window had been smashed by somebody, with police saying 'enquiries are ongoing to establish the circumstances'.

In response to the video appearing to show Jaki celebrating the Queen's death, the National Federation of Fish Friers (yes, that's a real thing) released a statement announcing they had revoked her membership.

They said the video was in 'extremely bad taste' and 'completely against all of the values our organisation and industry hold dear'.

On her website Jaki says she once received an award from Prince Charles' office.

Some who have previously visited Jaki's fish and chip shop have said they've seen chalkboards with conspiracy theories written on them, including anti-vaxx messages, claims 9/11 was an inside job, and that the coronavirus pandemic was faked.

Previous visitors to Jaki's chippy have found conspiracy messages posted.

A number of recent negative online reviews either mention the boards, or the owner responding has assumed that the poor feedback is due to them.

Whether or not these messages are genuine conspiracy theories or attempts at humour are unclear, though another chalkboard was pictured bearing the message 'Queenie reptilian death imminent'.

Frankly this is the worst combination of the monarchy and fish and chips since someone decided to invent 'Union Jack fish and chips' for the Queen's platinum jubilee.

LADbible has reached out to Jaki's Fish and Chip Shops for comment.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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