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Elon Musk Says He Has So Much Energy Because He's 'An Alien'

Elon Musk Says He Has So Much Energy Because He's 'An Alien'

People have had their suspicions about the SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Ever wondered why Elon Musk is a little different to your average Joe Bloggs? Well, it's because he's an alien - according to the man/alien himself.

Watch the moment here, but be warned the clip contains strong language:

Musk made the revelation in his 2018 interview with Joe Rogan - which has been viewed more than 42 million times on YouTube - and people are still fixating on it.

The comment was delivered as a light-hearted quip, but with him being the intermittent richest person on the planet who wants to colonise Mars, people have ruminated on it a lot more than they would if it was any other celebrity interview.

The remark was made after host Rogan labelled Musk an 'oddity' who is much different to the average 'chimp'.

Rogan asked: "When I see you doing all these things, I'm like 'How does this motherf***er have all this time, and all this energy, and all these ideas, and then people just let him do these things?'"

Musk replied: "Because I'm an alien."

Musk obviously isn't actually an alien... right?

This whimsical response resonated with Rogan, who had his suspicions about the 49-year-old billionaire.

He said: "That's what I've speculated. I'm on record, saying this in the past.

"I was like, 'If there was one, maybe an intelligent being that we created, like some AI [artificial intelligence] creature, that's superior to people, maybe it would just hang around with us for a while like you've been doing, then fix a bunch of s***'."

Musk then humbly assured Rogan that intellectually he's 'not bad for a human', but that he couldn't 'hold a candle to AI'.

This exchange is several years old now, but people are still talking about it to this day. Just a month ago, someone commented on the YouTube video: "'I'm an alien.' A comment by Elon Musk we should all take very serious."

The comment received 1,300 likes, and a lot of people agreed.

One person replied: "Ye, I'm also worried about this line."

Another joked: "Elon is so humble, he is very down to Mars."

And it seems his other half could be an alien too, as earlier this week she shared a photo of her sprawling new back tattoo, which she said is supposed to look like 'beautiful alien scars'.

The singer, who has a son with Musk, has previously said she'd like to relocate to Mars after she turns 50 to help set up a human colony there - so it seems like she's with the right guy.

Hopefully one day we'll get to learn a lot more about this endeavour and the couple's personal life if Louis Theroux gets to make a documentary about them.

Theroux previously earmarked Musk as the 'ideal interview subject' on his Grounded podcast, and he's hopeful the divisive billionaire could be open to him making a documentary.

"Never say never, right? He went on Joe Rogan's podcast," Theroux told LADbible.

"What I like about Elon Musk is he's beholden to no one.

"I mean, if he happens to listen to Grounded and thinks, 'Hey, that's a cool podcast series', then why not?

"We're a similar age, I think he might be a couple of years younger. So I could imagine a world in which he'd be into it."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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