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Fans Defend Britney As She Posts Fully Naked Photos On Instagram

Fans Defend Britney As She Posts Fully Naked Photos On Instagram

The pop star left nothing to the imagination in a new photo posted on her Instagram.

Simon Catling

Simon Catling

Britney Spears' fans have leapt to her defence after she stunned followers by posting full frontal nude snap on her Instagram recently.

Newly-free from the conservatorship that had hung over her for well over a decade, the 40-year-old pop legend has been enjoying her new found freedom on her social media channels, surprising her 38 million followers with an unexpectedly revealing snap.

Spears' posted a mirror selfie in front of her walk-in closet. In the snap, the she wore just a white lace choker around her neck, and matching thigh-high stockings without anything else on.


Captioned 'free woman energy has never felt better', the star was careful to cover any parts of her body that might cause the image to get taken down.

The photo is another sign that the 'Toxic' singer is moving on from the 13-year-long conservatorship that finally ended last month, with the singer resuming responsibility of her own personal affairs.


Spears has disabled comments on the snap, but that didn't stop it reaching other platforms, with Twitter bursting into life to react to the snap.

One Twitter user wrote: "Reminder - Britney LITERALLY had her genitals posted in newspapers all over the world without her consent.

"So for her to share naked photos now that she's FREE and on her own terms is a power move. She's taking control and I love that for her."

Echoing those thoughts, another added: "People loved seeing Britney Spears naked when it was creepy paps stalking her or her family/management controlling her and forcing her to do so but when it's of her own free will..."

In reference to the Free Britney movement that thought against her conservatorship, another user wrote: "It was 'Free Britney' not 'Free Britney unless I don't like what she's doing'. If she wants to get naked on Instagram, good for her."


And a fourth commented: "If Britney wants to be naked... let her be naked. She's a free woman. I cannot believe this world. Haha."

Britney Spears' long-running conservatorship ended last year in a court hearing in Los Angeles in November.

The pop star had asked for the conservatorship, which was set up by her father nearly 14 years ago, to be terminated as she called it 'abusive'.

Spears' lawyer, her parents, and the court appointees who control the conservatorship all publicly supported termination and the news was met with glee by Free Britney campaigners who'd been seeking to help free her from it for over a decade.

Attorney Mathew Rosengart said at the time: "I think the support of the #FreeBritney movement has been instrumental. To the extent that it allowed my firm to carry the ball across the finish line, I thank them as well."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/britneyspears

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