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Lotto Winner Jane Park Plans To Move To Dubai To 'Settle Down'

Lotto Winner Jane Park Plans To Move To Dubai To 'Settle Down'

Jane says that Scotland doesn't have what she's looking for

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

EuroMillions winner Jane Park has decided her next move is to relocate to Dubai after having no luck on the dating scene in the UK.

As reported by The Sun, 24-year-old Jane has decided that Edinburgh is no longer the place for her, and instead wants a new start in the luxurious city.

Jane won £1million at the age of 16.
Instagram/Jane Park

Jane is said to be flying out for two weeks in January to try it out, after a tough few years for the winner, who revealed she tragically suffered a miscarriage.

She told the paper: "Why wouldn't I move to Dubai? I've not found what I'm looking for in Edinburgh."

A source added: "Since winning the lottery Jane has shopped in the same shops, visited the same bars and socialised in the same clubs.

"She feels a change is needed. She has no barriers in her life at present and has realised there is so much more of the world to see."

Jane went for a trip there and loved it, apparently getting the bug for a bit of an adventure, with her publicity agent confirming that she will be making the move.

The insider said: "For the first time she realised how luxurious her life could be if she left Scotland and gave herself bit of an adventure.

"The men out there are generous to women - and that is something she has never experienced because she's always been the affluent one in a relationship.

"But Jane's party lifestyle will have to take a back seat because the drinking regulations are really strict.

"She's looking forward to that as it will feel like a detox at the same time."

Jane visited Dubai and loved it.
Instagram/Jane Park

Jane won £1 million after buying her first ever lottery ticket at the age of 16, making her the youngest ever winner. Since then she's been linked to Dundee player Jordan Piggott as well as X Factor contestant Sam Callahan.

The source added: "She's not going there to find love but it's ultimately the aim to settle down out there.

"She has a couple of friends who have moved out there and she has started preparing for her big move.

"Jane is likely to fly out to Dubai on January 20. For the first two weeks she's booked into a glamorous resort. She'll then start looking for a place there while estate agents and advisers look after her UK property and investments.

"She is willing to do whatever it takes to build a life out there."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Jane Park

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