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Centre Parcs employee Amy is definitely living in her darkest timeline after major social media backlash

Centre Parcs employee Amy is definitely living in her darkest timeline after major social media backlash

The Centre Parcs saga continues.

If you're ever having a bad day, spare a thought for Amy, the poor Center Parcs employee who has been trying to manage the public fallout after the company announced that they would kick guests out on the day of the Queen’s funeral.

Center Parcs have since reneged on that little brainwave, but poor Amy in their communications team is being torn to shreds as a result.

And hey - we get it. When Centre Parcs revealed they planned to close their holiday villages so their employees could be a part of the historic moment, customers were spitting chips.

Centre Parcs revealed it would need its guests out from 10am onwards on Monday (September 19), the day of the monarch’s funeral and would not re-open until the following day.

The accommodation facility has told customers that if they remain in the village, they would be unable to leave their lodges as the establishment would be closed.

Which, we have to admit, is a very weird hostage situation.

Enter poor old Amy, stage left. She's the one that's been trying to manage the chaos while responding to particularly distressed patrons.

And to give her credit, she's put on her best customer service hat.

“Hi Lys,” she wrote.

“We recognise leaving the village for one night is an inconvenience, we have listened and made the decision to allow guests to remain on-village on Monday, however, the village will still be closed, so guests will need to remain in their lodges.

“Thanks, Amy.”

The employee's response was met with disgust as one person wrote: “Who is doing their PR? Now allowed to stay in Center Parcs, but imprisoned.”

Another said: “You will remain in your lodges until you can prove that you've grieved sufficiently. Proof of sufficient grief cannot be expressed on paper as no paper will be allowed in the park until after the funeral.”

A third person joked: “Anyone attempting to leave will be executed.”

While another commented: “If you'd asked me ‘who becomes the main character on Twitter after the Queen dies?’ last week I would never in a million years have predicted it would be Center Parcs.”

That being said, the tide did turn in Amy's favour - and even extended to her predecessor Demi - with people witnessing the grilling online with one pointing out that 'it's not their fault their employer has lost the plot'.

Some took to social media to make jokes, while others suggested people give poor Amy flowers instead of the Queen.

So, if you have had a bad day just remember: It could be worse. You could have been poor Amy from Center Parcs.

Featured Image Credit: Centre Parcs/Lee Manning/Instagram. Louis-Paul st-onge Louis / Alamy Stock Photo

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