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Charles Bronson's long-lost son has written an 'explosive' TV drama about his relationship with his dad

Charles Bronson's long-lost son has written an 'explosive' TV drama about his relationship with his dad

Charles Bronson's long-lost son George Bamby said the drama contains some 'HUGE revelations'

The ‘long-lost’ son of Charles Bronson claims that he has co-written an ‘explosive’ TV drama about his relationship with his dad, spanning the time between the pair’s first meeting a few years back to his recent parole hearing.

It was announced today (30 March) that Bronson - who nowadays goes by the name Charles Salvador - was denied his parole after a hearing at the beginning of March.

As well as that, he was denied a move to an open prison by the parole board, who concluded that they ‘could not be satisfied that Mr Salvador has the skills to manage his risk of future violence until he has been extensively tested outside of his current highly restricted environment’.

George Bamby and Charles Bronson together.
Channel 5

While that is bad news for Bronson now, the official decision handed down by the parole board did go on to say that he will be eligible for another parole hearing ‘in due course’.

Before then though, his son George Bamby claims that he has created a comedy-drama TV show about his life since he got to know his dad, called Bronson and Son.

Speaking to LADbible, he described the show as ‘a six-part drama we have written about my relationship with Charlie from the first day we met up to now’.

He continued: “We have three mainstream TV channels and a huge streaming company fighting over the rights.”

While he didn’t divulge exactly which channels and platforms they are, it’s possible to see that someone would want to pick up the story.

'Bronson and Son'.
George Bamby

Bamby added: “It’s an explosive drama that reveals the whole truth about my relationship with Charlie and his former wife Paula Williamson.

"This is going to be one if the best TV comedy/crime dramas ever made, and there are some HUGE revelations."

Paula Williamson was an actor from Staffordshire who married Bronson while he was in prison, but died back in 2019 after taking drugs and alcohol, the coroner found.

The picture of the script for Bronson and Son states that Bamby co-wrote the drama with Shaun Prendergast, who has worked on shows such as Doctors, Casualty, Father Brown, and Waterloo Road during his career as an actor and writer.

It was reported before Bronson’s parole hearing that he’d fallen out with his son Bamby over comments he made on a Channel 4 documentary called Bronson: Fit to be Free?

Bamby recently appeared on a Channel 4 documentary about his dad.
Channel 4

Confirming those reports to LADbible, Bamby said: “[Channel 4] edited the documentary statement I made.

“I went on to say that Charlie could stab me with a breadknife, but so could anybody.

“I obviously know he would never do such a thing because the only weapon he would ever have would be a paintbrush.”

However, he did say that he’d had a ‘massive bust up following the documentary’.

It remains to be seen whether the TV series will ever make it to the screen, but it would certainly have an audience it if did.

In the meantime, the world must wait even longer to see what life would be like on the outside for Charles Bronson, and he remains one of Britain’s longest-serving prisoners.

Featured Image Credit: World History Archive / Alamy Stock Photo / Channel 4

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