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Children Don't Recognise Mum After She Has Over 40 Tattoos Covered Up For Experiment

Children Don't Recognise Mum After She Has Over 40 Tattoos Covered Up For Experiment

Known as 'the girl with the tattoos', her mum even shed a few tears

A mother-of-two known as 'the girl with the tattoos' said her kids failed to recognise her after undergoing a tattoo cover-up treatment.

Aimee Smith, 23, inked up over 40 times after receiving a tattooing machine aged 14, but since decided to cover them up following criticism of her appearance.

The alternative model appeared on TV show Hooked On The Look for the treatment but shocked herself when she glimpsed her new look.


She told the Daily Star: “I was not impressed. I was trying so hard not to cry.

“To some people it's just being covered in makeup but I was disgusted seeing myself looking like that.

“I know it's a strong word but I felt vile and horrible in myself. I felt so uncomfortable and it was like looking at someone who I didn't know.”

Even Aimee's mother shed a few tears.


Aimee, from Oakham, said: “It takes a lot for my mum to cry.

"I was shocked to hear her say how beautiful I looked."

Despite her mother's reaction, the treatment only made Aimee appreciate her unique style and multiple face tattoos even more.

She said: "After the camera people left I had to pick my kids up and my youngest wouldn't even look at me because he had no idea who I was.

"Their reaction made me realise just how much my tattoos are a part of me."


Since the charade ended, Aimee said she's been confident enough to take on new challenges.

Last week she went in to a local primary school to teach the children about tattoos.

She said: “There were times I’ve felt like a caged animal because of my tattoos but now I am just proud of who I am and don’t care what others think.”


The irony about her appearance on Hooked On The Look, TV shows were Aimee's first inspiration to ink up.

After watching Miami Ink as a little girl, she got her first tattoo aged 13.


“The majority of my facial tattoos are the most meaningful and I have three nails on the side of my face," she said.

“I got those after the toughest two years of my life and they stand for me and my children and it has barbed wire wrapped around it, to me it represents the strength of me and my family.”

Aimee has experimented with other parts of her body and plans to leave a layer of ink across the entire length of it.

Featured Image Credit: @amiee_inked/Instagram

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