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Chilling Moment Chris Watts' Neighbours Spotted Something Was Wrong Has Resurfaced

Chilling Moment Chris Watts' Neighbours Spotted Something Was Wrong Has Resurfaced

The chilling clip showing the moment Chris Watts' neighbours knew something was wrong will be featured in an upcoming documentary

The chilling moment when Chris Watts' neighbours realised something was wrong has resurfaced in a new documentary about the disgraced father's terrible crimes. Take a look below:

On 13 August 2013, Chris Watts murdered his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, before also murdering their two young daughters, Bella, four, and Celeste, three.

Watts did these unspeakable things to his family after having an affair following marriage struggles and wanting to start a new life.

He was sentenced to five life sentences for his crimes at the end of 2018 and his story was thrown back under the spotlight in 2020, following the release of Netflix's documentary, American Murder: The Family Next Door.

And now, a new documentary has been released about the Watts family murders.

The Tubi docu-special, Suburban Nightmare: Chris Watts, which was made available to stream today (14 January), will explore the story in 'gripping detail' and include exclusive police footage of the moments Watts was caught out by both police and those closest to him.

Chris Watts murdered his pregnant wife and two young daughters in one of America's most horrifying crimes.

And in exclusive footage, the moment one of Watts' neighbours realised something was seriously wrong is relived.

The footage, captured by Fredrick Police Officer Scott Coonrod's bodycam, was shot on the day the family were murdered and neighbour Vonda Knox recalled: "Chris was just very uncomfortable.

"Like, 'This is not my comfort zone, I'm not comfortable with this'."

At this point, Watts was sticking to his story that he hadn't seen Shanann and the girls, and he even made TV news appearances pleading for their 'safe return'.

In the bodycam footage, he is seen shaking hands with Officer Coonrod, before swiftly making for the door.

"And when the officer finally did say 'Go ahead and leave,' it looked like to me that he bolted for the door," recalled Vox, who also authored the book Beyond Tragedy: A Story of Shanann Watts.

Nate Trinastich, another neighbour, was then seen in the footage whispering to the officer: "He's not acting right at all."

Neighbour Nate Trinastich seemed to immediately know something wasn't right with Chris Watts.

"He's never fidgety, he's never rocking back and forth," he then said when Watts was out of earshot.

"He never talks. So the fact that here's over here blabbing his mouth makes me kind of suspicious of something."

Clearly, the neighbour's suspicions were right as within just a few days, it was discovered what Watts had done.

Although the disgraced father at first tried to blame the murders of his daughters on Shanann, the truth eventually emerged that he was, indeed, responsible for all of their deaths and was charged murdering all four in the first degree — including his unborn son, Nico.

After pleading guilty, Watts was slapped with five life sentences with no chance of parole.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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