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Police officer seen going for a ride in a trolley while on-duty won't be punished by the force

Charisa Bossinakis

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Police officer seen going for a ride in a trolley while on-duty won't be punished by the force

A Victorian cop who took a late-night spin in a trolley while on duty will not be reprimanded.

I mean, it definitely was not a ride-along we had in mind.

Bizarre footage has emerged of a police officer being pushed around a roundabout by a civilian in a dad shirt in the town of Cowes on Phillip Island on New Year's Eve.

Never did I think those words would exist in the same sentence.


As the cop goes for a ride, people can be heard cheering on the officer for the fun ride while other cops watch on.

The clip, posted by the Brown Cardigan Facebook page, shared the caption: “Nothing to see here, just some doughnut-loving coppers.”

The incident had users praising law enforcement for letting their hair down, with one person writing: “No harm at all in what’s going on here, good to see those police interacting with the community as it should be. Anyone who’s got issues with this bit of good fun should check themselves.”


Another said: “After the horrific things that police have gone through in the past weeks- and on their everyday roles - let them have fun. I’m sure she wouldn’t have done this if it was at all dangerous to anyone.”

A third shared: “Love this. Better than the ones walking around on a power trip!!!!”

Victoria Police said they were aware the video was making the round on social media.

“Police have identified the officers involved and the matter is being addressed,” a police statement said.


“Victoria Police are supportive of members positively engaging with the community but not at the risk of their own safety or other road users.”

A statement published by the Herald said no action would be taken.

"The matter was dealt with at a local level, with conversations held with the officers in the days following the incident,” a statement said. “This workplace guidance included reiterating the safety risks,”

Aussies of late have been getting quite creative with the old shopping trolley.


Just recently, a Reddit user went viral after posting a rear roof spoiler made out of the handles of a supermarket trolley.

Credit: u/ilikemountaingoats/Reddit
Credit: u/ilikemountaingoats/Reddit

A little 'too fast, too furious' for us. Especially if you have 10 items or less.

It left many users amused, as one person wrote: “Very well handled, I'd say."


Another chipped in with a humble brag: "Yeah, this s**t is genuinely funny. I'd assume no car guy with access and knowledge of welding tools thinks this is contributing to his downforce or cool factor, but as a gag this is a frankly genius-tier comedy.”

While a third shared: "Woolies downforce is next level."

Perhaps a few sirens could be added for our old mates on Phillip Island?

Featured Image Credit: Brown Cardigan/Facebook

Topics: News, Australia

Charisa Bossinakis
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