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Infamous Australian party boy Cory Worthington admits he beat up disabled man in fiery fracas

Infamous Australian party boy Cory Worthington admits he beat up disabled man in fiery fracas

He faced down a string of charges.

Australian man Corey Worthington has landed himself in a whole world of trouble once again, fronting court over a violent punch-up in which he left a disabled man bloodied.

The now 32-year-old Victorian man, who experienced a brief spike of infamy after he threw a raucous house party as a teenager, pleaded guilty to several charges in a Victorian court on June 26.

Worthington pleaded guilty to two counts each of unlawful assault and criminal damage and another of wilful damage.

He admitted to the Geelong Magistrates Court that he had in fact entered a home in January, as per Daily Mail.

At that address, also in Geelong, a series of violent acts unfolded.

He said he barrelled his way through the front door, asking to speak to a man he referred to as ‘Pete’.

Worthington alleged his girlfriend went to buy marijuana from their neighbour, at which point she was sexually assaulted.

Instagram/Corey Worthington

Once the allegations were communicated to Worthington, he entered the property and started smashing things with a spanner.

He also broke a car window.

Prosecutors said that the 32-year-old managed to track down 'Pete', who was making a getaway on a mobility scooter.

Worthington caught up to him and punched the disabled man in the face.

The assault left 'Pete' with a bloody nose and damaged his scooter.

The bloodied man was later transferred to hospital for assessment.

Magistrate John Bentley suggested that Worthington sign up for anger management classes.

Worthington will front court again for sentencing in December.

The infamous party boy has had several run-ins with the law over the years, spanning charges from speeding to child pornography.

He became an international hero to teens everywhere when he threw an out-of-control house party in 2008.

He posted the small gathering to public social media accounts, with hundreds turning up.

Teens wrought havoc in the streets when police attempted to shut the party down.

A riot soon broke out as revellers pelted police with broken bottles.

They also lashed out, damaging cars and surrounding property.

When local officers failed to get the riot under control, Victoria Police called in the dog squad and reinforcements by air.

However, that still wasn't enough to quell the wild youths.

Police retreated and waited nearby until the mayhem was over.

The party is believed to have inspired the story for the 2012 film Project X, Who reports, where essentially all of the above took place and descended into utter chaos.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Corey Worthington. Nine Network

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