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Couple scared by footage of 'ghost family member' walking their dog

Couple scared by footage of 'ghost family member' walking their dog

One couple is scared over alleged paranormal activity with their dog

A couple believe their CCTV may have captured the 'ghost of a family member' trying to walk their dog from beyond the grave. You can watch the spine-tingling footage below:

Dad-of-two Matthew Kane was laying in bed when his wife Lauren spotted the mysterious figure while scrolling through footage of their weekend on their motion-sensor camera.

The eerie clip shows a pale figure appear out of their old antiques cabinet alongside their Australian shepherd dog before seemingly disappearing on Saturday night (January 14).

Matthew, a 35-year-old construction company manager from Australia, and his wife were reviewing camera footage when they saw the figure.

Matthew Kane and his wife Lauren.
Kennedy News and Media

Matthew said: "The look of terror that came over my face when she showed me what was going on in the room next to us. It just looked like a tall person walking our dog."

Opening up about their antique cabinet and its contents, Matthew explained: "The cabinet's full of antiques from all over the world and passed away relatives or dead pets, all their ashes and urns.

"It looks like it comes from there."

Describing the alleged apparition, Matthew added: "It has a perfectly round head and leaves a trail of light behind it. It walks like it's on a mission, like it wants to get somewhere. You can almost see the arms swinging."

Matthew with his dog.
Kennedy News and Media

Explaining that their dog didn't bark throughout the incident, Matt drew a conclusion that the ghost is 'a relative or family member'.

When looking for a 'logical' explanation like a play on light, Matthew found he couldn't find one.

"Usually I'm sceptical, but I feel differently about this because I just can't explain it. It's there to see," he said.

Matthew revealed that upon discovering the footage and uploading it online, people 'were going crazy for it'.

He said: "On the paranormal page it's still going crazy now. I keep thinking 'don't say that', I don't want anymore ideas of what it might be."

The footage of the alleged ghost sighting racked up hundreds of comments, with many believing the haunting footage to be proof of a real ghost.

Matthew as a child with his late father - could the 'ghost' be a family member?
Kennedy News and Media

One person said: "99% of what gets posted here is pareidolia [seeing an image in a random pattern] or wishful thinking. This is the 1% that gave me legit goose bumps. Holy cow that is some catch."

Another added: "That is most definitely a spirit you can see the head, the shoulders, the body and the way it's walking like a human, no doubt about it."

However, others were not as easily convinced by the clip with one sceptical person commenting: "If you know photography you would know the light on in the closet on the right will distort the dark background. No ghost but a human and a dog walking into the hallway."

Taking the opportunity to lighten up the otherwise creepy situation, another joked: "Casper seems friendly! Your dog's not bothered."

Matthew revealed: "I think it's really got us thinking and wondering what else is out there.

"Once this dies down, I'll be quite happy to get back to pretending that only things I can see and feel are real."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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