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Man, 24, Who Married Grandma-Of-17 Responds To People Trolling Their Age Gap

Man, 24, Who Married Grandma-Of-17 Responds To People Trolling Their Age Gap

Quran is 24 and his new wife Cheryl is 61 and a grandmother to 17, but that hasn't stopped them being happy together

A couple who have a 37-year age gap between them have detailed some of the online abuse that they receive about people who can’t understand why they want to be together. Check out their video below.

Cheryl is a grandmother of 17 and is 61 years old, whereas her husband Quran is just 24-years-old.

The pair regularly post updates on their life together on TikTok, and this time around they shared just some of the things that people say online to denigrate them.

On the screen, the pair wrote: “Reasons people don’t like us as a couple.”

Cheryl and Quran.

Then, they shared a selection of things that people have said, such as ‘this is sick’, ‘he’s using you’, and ‘you’re a fossil’.

Other things included ‘this is necrophilia’ and ‘you should get Botox’.

It’s all pretty cruel, but the pair have also posted some potential reasons why these people choose to hate on them.

They wrote down things like ‘because we’re an interracial couple’ and ‘[because] they can’t find their own happiness’.

Not everyone is so down on their relationship, though.

One person commented: "Here’s the thing, they hate but if you two are happy and love each other that’s all that should matter! Keep doing you."

The pair have received tonnes of abuse.

Another wrote: "So sweet. Don't hate on them for their relationship it's their choice not yours, so stay out of it. If you don't like it then keep scrolling, I'm tired of it."

The couple share much of their relationship on TikTok, even down to their wedding.

The pair, from Rome in Georgia, got hitched on September 3 and live-streamed the whole thing to their followers.

At the time, Quran said: “We were live on TikTok for the wedding.

“We had the wedding in Tennessee. My best friends were there and we went to bones bbq joint after and got a very good meal.

“We then went back to our hotel and made love for two hours.”

They even got married on TikTok.
Jam Press

Perhaps that’s a slight overshare, but as long as everyone is happy, right?

The pair met when Quran was working at a restaurant for Cheryl’s son, but they didn’t develop feelings until years later, as he was just 15.

In late 2020, a chance meeting brought them together once again, and this time they did start a relationship.

Not all the comments are negative, though.

Quran explained: “I have never felt the way I feel for anyone like I do Cheryl.

“I don’t think it was love at first sight because I was 15 when we met but when I was 23 we connected on a more spiritual level, which allowed us to get to know each other and bond and that was where our love really got strong.”

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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