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'Creepy' Currys Driver Who Sent Flirty Texts To Female Customer Is Sacked After Caught Doing It Again

'Creepy' Currys Driver Who Sent Flirty Texts To Female Customer Is Sacked After Caught Doing It Again

The delivery man was caught messaging a mum-to-be after delivering her washing machine in Bradford

A 'creepy' Currys driver has been sacked after being caught harassing another customer with flirty texts.

The delivery man, who is now in trouble with his own girlfriend, was messaging mum-to-be Kacey Wheeler after delivering her washing machine in Bradford, West Yorkshire, earlier this month.

However, he was soon caught out by Kacey's fiancé Ryan Sagar who was pretending to be her as a prank, which went viral.

Kacey Wheeler, 21, was the first person to speak out.
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Jessica Hickling has now come forward saying she's been targeted by Jordan too after he 'took a liking to her' when delivering a fridge freezer on 28 December.

The 31-year-old was unsettled when he 'kept smiling at her' and asked 'if she lived alone', before sending messages after leaving asking if she liked her new fridge and if he could keep her number.

Currys say their investigation into the incident confirmed Jordan breached their code of conduct and he's been sacked by their delivery partner.

Jessica Hickling also came forward.
Kennedy News and Media

Jordan said: "I've got a bird. My relationship's been destroyed over this. I've lost everything overnight.

"I've been set up. I've gone to this young girl's house in Bradford and obviously she's wanted it. She's been flaunting it."

He added: "She wanted it. She was begging for it. How did she expect me to come back after work if I didn't have the number to contact her?

"If you'd have seen that bird, with her t*ts out, legs out, the lot, and she says to you 'can you come back after work?', you'd do it.

"My girlfriend's seen it and obviously it's not good. I said it was a laugh with the lads in the van, but she's not forgiven me yet.

"If she wasn't flaunting it like that, I wouldn't need to [text her]."

Kacey, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, said: "I can't believe it. He's disgusting, that guy. I can't believe he's got the cheek to sit and say that. Maybe this is what he's said to his girlfriend to win her back. I feel sorry for her.

"I literally had a beige jumper on and leggings, so I couldn't have been more dressed if I'd have tried. He's obviously a creep. I couldn't care less what he says."

Kennedy News and Media

Jessica, from Newsome, West Yorkshire, complained: "It's like he's using Currys like Tinder. I thought he was helpful but after I got the message I thought it was a bit creepy he went out of his way to help me."

A Currys spokesperson said: "We were very concerned to learn of the experiences of Ms Wheeler and Ms Hickling. We’re directly in contact with them and our immediate priority is to ensure their concerns are addressed.

"We recognise the privilege and responsibility that comes with delivering to our customers' homes and we expect all delivery crews, including our delivery partners, to treat our customers with the utmost respect.

"We launched an immediate investigation into the matter and can confirm the individual involved is no longer delivering for Currys or working for our delivery partner.

"We’re reinforcing our robust procedures with delivery partners to ensure the highest standards of conduct we expect are always met."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media//Jessica Grace Makeup

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