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TikTok star jailed after trying to smuggle nearly 3kg of cocaine into the UK

TikTok star jailed after trying to smuggle nearly 3kg of cocaine into the UK

The amount of drugs was estimated to be worth around £300,000.

A TikTok influencer has been arrested after trying to smuggle 2.9kg of cocaine.

Modou Adams was found with the hefty amount of nose beers at the Jorge Chavez International Airport on September 30.

According to Sky News, the huge haul of the white stuff was found hidden inside his suitcase, bound for Paris before being sent to London.

Footage has circulated of authorities opening Adams' suitcase, with the model looking seemingly confused as security discovers the substance.

Sky News

Drugs? Who me.

The amount of illegal narcotics was estimated to be worth around £300,000 (AUD $576,670).

Adams has pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges and received a fine of £1,500 (AUD $2,876)

The British model has been sentenced to six years and eight months in prison.

According to the Daily Mail, anti-drugs prosecutor Lincoln Fuentes said of Adam's arrest: "It wasn't the first time this British national had come to Peru.

"The first time he had also taken drugs out of the country, most probably in the same way with a specially-prepared suitcase.

"In Peru a kilo of cocaine is around £3,000 but this amount multiplies in Europe by a massive amount."

He added: "Each drug mule is paid £5,200 to £6,000 per drug run as well as getting all their expenses paid including the tourist trips they enjoy to camouflage their real reason for coming here.


"The objective this man had for coming here was solely to transport drugs back to Britain."

Adams has thousands of followers on social media and often flaunts his luxurious lifestyle as he travels the world.

The model recently posted photos of his travels in Machu Picchu and Athens.

Similarly, in 2021, an Instagram influencer was arrested after attempting to board a plane in Dubai with the white powder.

Influencer Lais Crisostomo Aguiar and her friend, Peterson de Souza Fontes, were charged with one count of international drug trafficking.

The pair was arrested at Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport in the municipality of Guarulhos.

Police intervened before the two boarded the flight after an X-ray scan found 461 grams of cocaine in capsules inside food supplement containers in their suitcases.

Fontes said in court that the cocaine was his, adding that he, Aguiar and her fiancé, Henrique Catoriello, were drug users.

However, Aguiar said his claims were false, and she didn't know about the drugs stashed in the capsules.

It is still unknown what type of punishment the influencer will receive if she's convicted.

Featured Image Credit: Peru Police. Instagram/boywholives

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