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Prisoner who escaped four months before he was set to be released gets sentenced to 40 years

Prisoner who escaped four months before he was set to be released gets sentenced to 40 years

The 21-year-old broke into a local home and held people at gunpoint before he stole one of their cars.

A man who was just four months off from being released from prison has had another 40 years added to his sentence after attempting to escape.

Well, not every gamble tends to pay off.

Shunekndrick Huffman fled Central Mississippi Correctional Facility last year in August, months shy of completing his seven-year sentence, as per Sky News.

The 21-year-old broke into a local’s home and held people at gunpoint before he stole one of the hostage's cars.

Facebook/Mississippi Department of Corrections

Unlucky for Huffman, he managed to crash the car and then tried to flee on foot.

However, he didn’t get too far before police found the criminal hiding in a bin at Mississippi State Hospital in Whitfield, two miles from the prison.

Huffman was then locked up again a couple of hours later.

The young man was serving a sentence for aggravated assault and was expected to be released in December.

Well, no Christmas turkey for Huffman, this year...or the next 40, given his ill-timed prison break.

Rankin County District Attorney Bubba Bramlett said Huffman pleaded guilty to two counts of kidnapping before he was sentenced.

According to Sky News, the correctional facility's boss, Burl Cain, told reporters that security would be improved to prevent future escapes.


Earlier this year, an inmate escaped prison after impersonating his sleeping cellmate, who was set to be released later that day.

Brian Francisco Roman, 26, remarkably managed to stroll out of Cowlitz County jail in Washington, DC, without attracting much attention.

CCTV cameras captured Roman, who was jailed for drug-trafficking charges, dressing up in his cellmate's clothes before he made a break for it.

A guard came to the cell and asked for the cellmate to get ready to be discharged, and that's when Roman took the opportunity and ran with it...literally.

As he walked out of the facility’s confides, he approached security guards and was given his cellmate's items, including keys, wallet, ID and debit card.

Roman continued to sign the discharge paperwork while forging the other criminal's signature before walking out the door.

A day later, he was captured by police.

He now faces additional charges of second-degree escape, first-degree criminal impersonation, forgery, and both second and third-degree theft.

Authorities didn’t inform media outlets how the criminal was found.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Mississippi Department of Corrections

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