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People divided as woman screams in agony after being shot by taser in brutal test

People divided as woman screams in agony after being shot by taser in brutal test

Some thought the video was funny, but not everyone was amused

A video of a woman testing out a taser has done the rounds on social media and it has divided the opinions of viewers.

Posted on TikTok by the official Missouri Jefferson College Law Enforcement Academy account, the viral video has accumulated over 66 million views.

The account is known for posting several of their students/professionals going through the agony of undertaking the shock from a taser.

For those that don't know exactly how it works, a taser is aimed by a police officer with a red dot at the target before discharging.

According to the official Northamptonshire Police website, when the trigger is pulled, the taser fires two probes, attached by a copper wire to the device, at the person.

When the probes attach to the person, an electric circuit is completed which temporarily incapacitates a suspect by electrocuting them.

As you can imagine, it is incredibly painful, which is why this clip is causing so much conversation on social media.

The woman was in excruciating pain.

In the clip, the woman is being held by two men while the bearer of the taser stands a few metres behind her with it aimed at her back.

She says: "Taser, taser, taser," and fires the metal probes.

The targeted woman screams in excruciating pain, while the men holding her carefully place her on the ground as she is stunned by the shock.

Lying down, she lets out a sound of relief after her screaming stops.

Those around her clap her efforts, with one of the men that brought her to the ground smiling and holding in a laugh.

Don't worry, he gets shocked in a separate video.

This isn't the only video like this on the account, as the academy have shown numerous examples of individuals being stunned by the taser and their reactions, with these clips also garnering millions of views.

She was relieved once the stun was over.

Users were split on what to think in the comments of the video, with some thinking that it was good to test out the equipment and that it was humorous to see the reactions, while others thought it was unnecessary to put people through the pain at all.

One user commented: "It’s the scream growing quieter as if she was falling a distance that’s got me," with two laughing emojis.

Another put: "This scream would’ve definitely pass for Monsters Inc scream tank."

However, a third said: "Why do they need to go through this?"

A different user also questioned: "Why is there a taser test?"

Michael Toombs, Director of Jefferson College Law Enforcement Academy, said: "We require all of our law enforcement recruits to receive training in less lethal options such as the Taser and pepper spray. However, taking an exposure or shock from the Taser is completely voluntary. Many recruits volunteer for it in order to know exactly what it feels like in case they ever have to use it on another person. Having that experience also instills confidence in their tools, allowing them to do their job more effectively."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jeffcolea

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