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'British Pablo Escobar' Curtis Warren arrested again months after release

'British Pablo Escobar' Curtis Warren arrested again months after release

Curtis Warren was initially jailed for conspiracy to import drugs

A gangster who is nicknamed the 'British Pablo Escobar' has been arrested again less than seven months after being released from prison.

Curtis Warren, 60, became known as one of Britain's most notorious crime bosses as he was arrested and sentenced to time behind bars for conspiracy to import drugs.

The criminal, who'd previously featured on The Sunday Times Rich List with a fortune estimated at £300 million, was released from prison in November after 14 years.

Warren was initially arrested for conspiracy to import drugs.
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Less than a year later, Warren has been arrested again for allegedly breaching the terms of his Serious Crime Prevention Order.

Officers with the National Crime Agency (NCA) arrested a 60-year-old from Liverpool, just before 6am today (5 July) at a location in Boldon Colliery, South Tyneside.

The NCA did not name Warren, but his former barrister, Anthony Barraclough, confirmed to the Mirror that he was the one arrested this morning.

Barraclough is on retainer with Warren’s firm of solicitors to provide advice. He has also represented Warren in previous trials in other countries.

In a statement, Barraclough commented: “I can confirm that he was arrested at 6am this morning. Any breaches will be minor transgressions."

Warren was taken for questioning over the alleged breaches of the order, which came into force when he was released from prison.

Officers are investigating a number of breaches relating to 'the unauthorised use of mobile phones, vehicles, bank accounts and travel'.

Warren's former barrister confirmed he was the one arrested.
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Barraclough expressed belief the investigation relates to 'very fine interpretations of restrictions'.

He continued: "I imagine he was in Tyneside to visit friends.

“He is allowed to travel and have mobile phones, bank accounts and up to £1,000 in cash. He can travel abroad if he gives seven days notice. If he is going to be away from home he needs permission and he has had permission.

“I have not spoken to him yet as he is in custody.”

As well as arresting Warren, NCA officers carried out searches at the location in Boldon where he was arrested, along with another address in the Royal Albert Dock area of Liverpool.

Investigators have seized mobile devices, documents and cash as part of the operation, which was supported by Merseyside Police and the North East Regional Organised Crime Unit (NEROCU).

The seized items are now being examined by investigators.

Alison Abbott, from the NCA’s Lifetime Management of Offenders Team, commented: “These court orders are vital tools for preventing and deterring future offending. Once criminals come onto our radar, they never leave, and the NCA will take action over breaches.”

If Warren is found to have breached his Serious Crime Prevention Order, he could be subject to a maximum sentence of five years, an unlimited fine, or both.

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