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Dad Left Humiliated After Son Plays Incredible X-Rated Prank On Him In Airport

Dad Left Humiliated After Son Plays Incredible X-Rated Prank On Him In Airport

The 64-year-old was the victim of his prankster son

A dad was left red-faced after his prankster son played a hilarious X-rated prank on him at the airport. Check it out below:

Lewis Cullinan convinced his unsuspecting dad to stick a bluetooth speaker in his suitcase as he argued there was no room in his own.

While queueing to check-in their bags after a three-day stag do in Benidorm, the cheeky 30-year-old pressed 'play' on that pornographic moaning sound many of us have fallen prank to on social media.

Around 30 people who were standing burst out laughing.

The loud moans blasted through Alicante Airport on Sunday afternoon (10 April) and the poor dad was completely mortified.

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Lewis, from South Ockendon, Essex, said: "The idea just came to me on the coach [to the airport], I thought of it on the spot.

"On the coach, I asked my mate for his speaker and said I was going to put it in my dad's bag.

"I sent my mate the video of the noises and told him I was going to play it.

"We were in the airport and I couldn't see him anywhere.

"He got in the queue for check-in with about 30 people behind him and I ran over and said my speaker didn't fit in my bag and asked if I could put it in his.

"The speaker was on, I waited for him to walk forward a bit and gave my mate the thumbs up. My dad was looking around and saying 'what the hell?'.

"Everyone in the airport looked around and was in fits of laughter.

"Then it stopped and played again and he was more panicky and he gave it to me and I didn't know how to turn it off.

"I'm there thinking 'Jesus there's families around here'. It was getting too much in the end. It was typical Essex lads in Benidorm."

Kennedy News and Media

Rail engineer Lewis says he and brother Tommy, 32, are constantly pranking their dad.

But it seems they've inherited their dad's naughty sense of humour who's stitched them up over the course of a decade having set them up on dating show Meet the Parents, Richard Hammond's Secret Service and Tricked with magician Ben Hanlin.

Lewis said: "We've all pranked each other over the last ten years.

"It started when we were sat on the sofa, I bought an air horn and I decided to get my dad with it.

"I've smashed a cake over his head, moved a chair away from him when he's gone to sit down in a restaurant. He loves it, we've got such a good relationship and banter.

"Dad is on edge. He knows if he does me, I'll get him back ten times worse."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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